Haircuts for Men, Women & Kids 

Are you looking for the perfect haircut? Whether you want the ideal style for work or play, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa has you covered. We offer the services of trained hair technicians who are skilled at haircuts for men, women, and children. Below are some of the trendiest styles currently available for the entire family. After reading through this short list, schedule your appointment at one of our four Cincinnati area locations

Men’s Salon Haircuts in Cincinnati 

Fade Haircut

The fade is a trendy look where the hair on the sides and back is tapered as close to the head as possible with clippers. The hair is then faded to the top of the head. The hair on top can be worn neat or messy, depending on the look you want to wear. 

Mid Fade Haircut

This popular men’s cut starts at a level between the temples and the ears. Halfway down is where the fade begins, which adds length and contrast for a unique balance. The look is ideal with or without facial hair.

Taper Fade

This hairstyle involves gradually changing the length of the hair. The hair starts longer on the top of the head and gets shorter the more you traverse down to the natural hairline at the base of the neck and sides of the head. A long taper is ideal for men with longer hair. Or you can go with a short taper where the hair is kept close to the skin.

Close Cropped Fade 

The crop is a short hairstyle that is textured and paired with a fade on the sides and back of the head. The haircut tends to pair well with a trimmed beard. 

Comb Over Fade 

Also referred to as the skin fade comb, this style is designed with a textured comb-over and side part. Dry shampoo can be applied to the hair to add volume. 

Curly Hair Fade 

With this style, the man’s naturally curly hair is left longer on top and shaved on the sides with faded edges. The more curls you have, the lower the fade goes. 

Slick Back 

This very popular men’s haircut involves a brushback of all the hair on top. Pomade is used on the damp hair to preserve moisture and secure the final shape. 

Buzz Cut

This military-style cut involves a closely trimmed back and sides with an extended patch of hair left on top. The style is easy to wear, goes with everything, and offers little maintenance, making it a favorite of many men.

Best Hair Salon Styles for Women

Short Cut

For women with short hair, a classic cropped hairdo can work wonders. The style involves contrasting lengths and textures, sometimes with customized colors to make the layers stand out. 

Long Layers

For women with thick, long hair, a layered hairstyle adds volume and character. The layered look hangs beautifully whether your natural hair is straight or wavy. The hair can be styled forward or back, or half-up and half-down for alternatives to this classic look. 

Ultra-Short Hairstyle for Women

This hairstyle is close to a buzz cut with some added length. It’s concise and ideal for all hair types, especially curly hair. The style is low maintenance, which means you truly can wake up and go.

Layered Lob

Layers are definitely in style. For women with long or medium-length hair, layering harkens back to the bob but adds all-new dimensions, giving you versatility and movement that you can style in any number of ways.

Wispy Bangs

Bangs with layers around the face can create texture and movement. There is also a certain softness to this hairstyle that is perfect for thick, long hair. 

Modern Shag

This haircut lets you embrace your hair’s natural texture. For curly-haired women who don’t want to go with bangs, this cut works well. The look involves a significant amount of layering, which helps the texture stand out for an ultra-trendy look. 

Edgy Undercut

An undercut can be worn with short or long hair. The hairstylist uses clippers to undercut your hair so that the short part is even. The rest of the hair is then left at a flattering length that perfectly frames your face shape. 

Mid-Length Cut

If you can’t decide between short or long hair, the mid-length cut may be the ideal women’s hairstyle. This hairstyle stops around the collarbone and is ideal for a shorter feel without losing your natural length. This hairstyle is also perfect if your hair is dry or damaged and needs a break.

Cropped Layers

With this style, there are a variety of styling options. You can have short hair with longer, textured lengths through the top, for instance. The hairstyle can easily be changed from edgy to polished depending on your personality or who you want to be on any given day.

Trendy Hairstyles for Kids 

Adults aren’t the only ones who want to look good. No matter how old your son or daughter may be, everyone wants a head-turning hairstyle. Kids have a variety of trendy styles to choose from regardless of their natural hair texture. Whether your child has straight hair, curly hair, or wavy hair, there is a hairstyle that is perfect for your little one. 


Long On Top and Short on the Sides 

Kids love short hairstyles, since there is minimal maintenance, and they can simply shower and go. One fashionable style for kids is to leave the top long for added volume. The sides are then shaved. The result is a versatile cut that is ideal for kids of all ages. The top length can be combed over and parted or gelled up to create spikes for an edgier alternative. 

Comb Over with a Skin Fade 

Another popular kid’s haircut style is the comb-over taper fade. This haircut offers a sleek look that makes your child appear distinguished. The sides of the head are shaved while the length on top is left long. The result is a style that can work for any occasion. 

Mid-Fade Kids’ Style

This is another short hairstyle where the length on top is left long, and the sides are shaved. The difference is that there is a transition from long to short around the temples. The result is a sophisticated hairstyle that makes your child look smart and put together. An alternative to this style is the drop fade, where the fade descends behind each ear to create an arc shape.

Curly Fringe Hair Style

If your child has curly hair, this curly fringe will make for the perfect look. The result gives the child a natural bounce with no product required. The hairstyle is ideal for school and play.


Straight Bob

Girls with short hair will love this straight bob classic haircut. The style offers minimal maintenance, unlike bangs and layers that require regular trimming. The cut is comfortable and perfect for school and play.

Bob with Side Part

This variation of the bob haircut is ideal for little girls with thinning or fine hair. The side part of this style adds volume and frames the face. A side part is also an ideal option if your child has a heart-shaped face. 

Curly Bob with Bangs

For girls with naturally curly hair, this kids’ haircut is perfect. The bangs with this style frame the face and can be made to be blunt, wispy, or short, depending on the shape of the face. The bangs can also be cut away for a vintage-style bob. 

Straight Hair with Side Bangs

This classic hairstyle lets the girl wear her hair long. The style is easy to manage and looks great for any occasion. The bangs are left open, so they are kept out of the child’s face. This is perfect when your child plays sports or is otherwise active. The long hair can also be worn in braids or locked into a ponytail for variations on this terrific look.

Feathered Layers 

This girl’s hairstyle is ideal for fine and straight hair. The hair is feathered out with wispy layers that add volume. The style is easy to wear and maintain, making it perfect for athletics, school, and every other occasion. 

Wavy Bohemian 

This simple hairstyle is ideal for girls with wavy hair. The hair is textured which adds volume and unique character. 

Straight Hair with Fringe

This girl’s style is ideal for thick hair. The stylist removes a few inches while leaving the hair straight, even in the back. In the front, a blunt fringe is added, which gives the girl thick bangs. The bangs can be left eyebrow length or shorter, depending on your child’s comfort level. 

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These are just some of the men’s, women’s, and child’s haircuts and styles you can find at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa with four Cincinnati area locations. Call us in West Chester, Hyde Park, Tri-County, or Kenwood to schedule an appointment.