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Women’s Cosmetic Treatments

Microblading, Makeovers, Airbrush Makeup, Lashes & Brows​

Service NameEstheticianMaster
ELLEEBANA LASH LIFT + TINT 139.00139.00139.00139.00139.00
BROW TINT30.5030.5030.5030.5030.50
LASH TINT41.0041.0041.0041.0041.00
LASH & BROW TINT71.0071.0071.0071.0071.00
MAKEUP W/ LASHES72.0079.5082.0084.0088.50
MAKEUP LESSON88.0088.0088.0088.0088.00
AIRBRUSH MAKEUP89.0091.5095.0097.50100.00
AIRBRUSH MAKEUP W/ LASHES103.00105.50108.50111.00114.00 
ARTIFICIAL LASHES (strip lashes)33.0033.0033.0033.0033.00
LASH EXTENSION – FULL SET306.00306.00306.00306.00306.00
LASH EXTENSION – FILL IN90.5090.5090.5090.5090.50
LASH EXTENSION – DEMI SET88.0088.0088.0088.0088.00
LASH EXTENSION – SPECIAL OCCASION164.00164.00164.00164.00164.00
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.

Get the makeover you deserve by scheduling a cosmetic treatment at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa with four locations in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Women’s Cosmetics Experts

At Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa, we want to give you the makeover you deserve. With a full menu of cosmetics treatments, including makeovers, airbrush makeup, microblading, lash extensions, and brow shaping, we have just the excuse to spend a day at the salon and spa.

Improve Your Look or Try Something New

When you want a fresh take on the makeup you wear, and how to apply it, schedule a consultation with one of our trained cosmetics professionals. Learn how to accentuate your best features, hide blemishes, and put your best face forward for any occasion.

Schedule an appointment at one of our four locations for a complete or partial makeover by one of Cincinnati’s best estheticians.

Microblading – Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent technique that creates the illusion of fuller brows. Your esthetician can cover gaps and fill in missing hairs. Each microblading treatment includes an initial consultation followed by microblading and a touch-up appointment for amazing results. Your newly darkened brows will last up to 24 months with good care. All of our certified estheticians are Phi-Brow certified, which is America’s top Microblading trainer.

Elleebana Lash Lift + Tint (available at Tri-County only)

Schedule at our Tri-County location and experience this semi-permanent eyelash treatment that gives your natural lashes added definition. Each treatment offers an ultra-hydrating keratin treatment that temporarily curls and enhances each lash without extensions. The treatment is low maintenance and creates the illusion of beautifully curled and darker lashes that look 100% natural.

Brow Tint

Are your eyebrows too light or do you have sparse hairs with little definition? This brow tint treatment is perfect for you. Our brow design experts use the best equipment and high-quality products to give your eyebrows more impact, giving you the perfect way to frame your beautiful eyes. This semi-permanent brow treatment lasts up to four weeks and lets you go up to three or four shades darker. Now available in black, light brown, brown, and auburn.

Lash Tint

Give your eyelashes more oomph without having to resort to lash extensions. A semi-permanent tint is safely applied to your lashes to make them up to three or four shades darker. The results last up to four weeks.

Lash & Brow Tint

Draw more attention to your eyes with this premium lash and brow tint treatment designed for today’s trendy woman. Go for a light tint or a darker hue, whichever you prefer, and infuse your lashes and brows with all the vitamins and minerals they need. Each in-salon treatment adds strength and sheen to the areas around your eyes for eye-popping results

Makeup w/Lashes

Get a full makeover with your choice of today’s top brands of premium cosmetics. Choose your color and selections of mineral makeup products or let our design consultants help you choose the best for your skin tone and skin type. The treatment ends with a full lash rejuvenation, which uses strip lashes to give you the perfect finish you can only get at a quality spa and salon like ours.


Have a special occasion coming up or looking for ideas on how to use makeup to highlight your best features? From the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin, our beauty experts will treat your face like a work of art. Each treatment includes instructions on how to apply mineral makeup based on your specific skin type and unique bone structure. Leave your appointment feeling like a million bucks and looking the part.

Makeup Lesson

Get a lesson in applying cosmetics from among Cincinnati’s best makeup artists. Learn how to use a range of cosmetics using brushes and other makeup tools, allowing you to create your dream glam from home! Get the basics of shading, applying base and color, and how to choose the best cosmetics for photo-ready beauty. Whether you are applying the makeup to yourself or someone else, these lessons will make you a soon-to-be expert in makeup 101.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is long-lasting and photographs well. This makeup is perfect for weddings or when you want a flawless appearance that hides blemishes while delivering your best contours. Goes on smoothly without feeling heavy. Stand out and get noticed with your selection of colors and techniques that will give you that closeup finish.

Airbrush Makeup w/Lashes

Complete your airbrush makeover with stand-out strip lashes. Each treatment gives you a natural and fade-free look that stuns. Our salon experts only use the most advanced techniques and professional-grade cosmetics for high-grade fashion. Treatments go on smoothly for all over coverage that photographs well.

Artificial Lashes (strip lashes)

Don’t worry if you weren’t born with impressive lashes. Now you can have the lashes you crave with strip lashes applied by experienced makeup artists. Add-on lashes frame your eyes with a new, esthetically pleasing style for a long-lasting effect. Your lashes will stay on as long as you need for an evening of eye-framing beauty.

Lash Extension – Full Set

Get a full set of extensions to make your eyes pop. We have a selection of extensions for you to choose from, giving you enviable lashes that look like nature gave them to you.

Lash Extension – Fill In

When you are ready for a set of fill-in lashes, schedule an appointment at one of our four Cincinnati salons. We can give you a rejuvenating lash treatment that won’t let you down.

Lash Extension – Demi Set

We offer demi-sets of eyelash extensions to give you a look that is uniquely your own. Choose from our selection of high-quality lash products that are made to last.

Lash Extension – Special Occasion

Special occasion lashes are those times in your life when you absolutely need to make a fashion statement. Celebrities use these lash extensions and now you can too!. Give your lashes more length and volume without the irritation or buildup. This is how a lash makeover is supposed to be.

The Best Makeovers. Superior Customer Service

Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa wants to give you the makeover you deserve. We only work with the best and safest cosmetics brands and put forth every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction. With four convenient locations, we have a makeup chair open and an experienced makeup artist ready to serve you. Call us in Kenwood, Tri-County, West Chester, or Hyde Park and we’ll help you put your best face forward with the best cosmetics treatments in Cincinnati.