Massage Therapy for Men & Women

Therapeutic Massages Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Service Massage Therapist Master Massage Therapist Massage Director Senior Massage Director
MASSAGE WITH CELLUMA LED TREATMENT 120.50 126.50 133.50 140.00
BODY COCOON – A LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE 164.00 176.00 189.50 204.00
FULL BODY MASSAGE (Package of 5 – 10% discount) 402.75 432.00 461.25 490.50
MEN’S MASSAGE 89.50 96.00 102.50 109.00
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 89.50 96.00 102.50 109.00
90 MINUTE MASSAGE 131.00 140.50 151.50 162.00
HALF HOUR MINI MASSAGE 70.00 73.50 76.50 82.50
20 MINUTE REMEDY 41.00 41.00 41.00 41.00
SINUS & MIGRAINE RELIEF MASSAGE 81.00 84.00 87.50 93.00
CBD INFUSED FULL BODY THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (1 Hour) 109.00 117.50 126.00 136.00
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (30 Minutes) 83.50 86.50 90.00 96.00
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (1 Hour) 103.00 109.00 116.00 122.50
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (90 Minutes) 144.00 154.00 165.00 175.50
HOT STONE MASSAGE 114.00 120.50 128.00 136.00
HERBAL POULTICE BODY TREATMENT 158.00 170.00 183.00 196.00
NATURAL ELEMENTS MASSAGE 137.50 143.50 150.50 156.00
ANTI-STRESS TREATMENT 78.00 84.00 90.00 97.00
SIG. FULL BODY MASSAGE W/ SEAWEED BODY SKIN RENEWAL TREATMENT (women only) 194.50 201.00 207.00 213.50
MATERNITY MASSAGE (30 Minutes) 70.00 70.00 76.50 82.50
MATERNITY MASSAGE (1 Hour) 89.50 96.00 102.50 109.00
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.
* Massages can be together upon request at Kenwood, West Chester & Tri-County. *Move cursor over service name to view description*

De-stress and relax in style with a therapeutic massage by skilled therapists at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Four Locations in Greater Cincinnati to Soothe Your Tired Muscles

Is your body worn-out? Need a day to yourself? Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa invites you to book a day at the spa. From our serene and relaxing spa atmosphere to professionals that set you at ease the moment you walk in the door, we have put forth every effort to ensure your satisfaction from the start of your appointment to the very end. With locations in West Chester, Tri-County, Kenwood, and Hyde Park, we always have a spot on our table ready to massage your worries away.

Signature Full Body Therapeutic Massage

Feel a rush of comfort flow through your body as our talented massage therapists revive your spirit and increase your energy level. Skilled hands will massage your tired muscles at desired locations for improved circulation. Available in 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions.

Massage with Celluma LED Treatment

Enjoy an enhanced full body therapeutic massage experience using Celluma Light Therapy. Celluma is FDA cleared for pain management using light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. Feel immediate results with arthritic pain, deep muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain & stiffness, migraines, scoliosis, plantar fasciitis, post-op for knee/shoulder/ankle/wrist/hands/vertebral surgeries & accelerate the closure of dermal wounds.

Men’s Massage

Our men’s massage gives you an instant rush of comfort as skilled massage therapists revive your spirit and enhance your energy levels. Every muscle is relaxed and soothed for improved circulation. Available in 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect for a worn-out body, this therapeutic massage digs deep into the inner layers of the muscles to soften and lengthen them. You will find this massage slow and focused with the massage therapist using various body parts like the forearm, elbows, knuckles, and fists. There may be soreness and tenderness that persists for a day or three and may include slight bruising. Available for one hour.

90 Minute Massage

Get an initial rush of comfort the moment your therapeutic massage begins as our talented massage therapists revive your spirit and increase your energy level by massaging each of your tired muscles for improved circulation.

Half Hour Massage

Enjoy all the rejuvenating benefits of a massage in only thirty minutes. The appointment can be customized to work on any combination of muscle groups.

20 Minute Remedy

Get a customized 20-minute massage that works on the muscle groups you have in mind. Whether you want a foot, hand, back, neck, or arm massage, this is the therapeutic massage appointment for you. Little to no disrobing is necessary.

CBD Infused Full Body Therapeutic Massage

Experience healing and relaxation in an hour-long therapeutic massage. Your massage therapist will apply a highly concentrated CBD oil, infused with Vitamin E and apricot oil. As your muscles are worked and your body begins to de-stress, the CBD oil will work internally to alleviate anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. This massage is specifically designed to ease muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and soothe skin with an overall calming effect on your mind and body.

Aromatherapy Massage

A massage combined with the healing powers of aromatherapy can boost your energy levels and leave you feeling refreshed. Customized to hit your most stressed areas; this gentle, soothing massage uses essential oils to relax, energize, and detoxify the body. Available for 90-minutes.

Hot Stone Massage

This spa massage treatment is profoundly relaxing and soothing. Using hot stones that feel like warm liquid, your therapeutic massage professional will give you a full body massage to ease your stress and provide comfort to your body. Perfect for tight, tired muscles that need the power of deep penetrating heat. Just one appointment can make your tension and stress melt away. Cannot be performed on women who are pregnant.

Herbal Poultice Body Treatment

This 90-minute massage includes Zen pressure point work and utilizes a warm herbal poultice for added serenity. Treatment relieves stress, reduces muscle pain, and detoxifies the body. Each massage uses a special blend of aromatherapy designed to leave your body in a state of tranquility.

Natural Elements Massage

Get a relaxing full body massage and leave feeling like a brand-new person. The therapeutic massage is complimented by select hot stone therapy and aromatherapy with the application of seaweed to the back along with hot moist towels.

Anti-Stress Treatment

Soothing aromatherapy oils are diffused into the air and gently massaged into your neck, shoulders, and back. The effect is ultimate relaxation and a natural state of calm and serenity. Warm compresses are applied to the body for a feeling of complete well-being. Cannot be performed on women who are pregnant.

Signature Full Body Massage with Seaweed Body Skin Renewal Treatment

Designed for women, this therapeutic massage is designed to revive your spirit and increase your energy levels. Your tired muscles are thoroughly massaged for improved circulation. A seaweed solution is then applied to restore tone and hydrate your skin while exfoliating dead cells. You will then be wrapped in a blend of algae and essential oils to hold in moisture as you relax on a warm table. You leave our spa with skin that feels softer and looks revitalized.

Maternity Massage

Specially designed for our mothers-to-be, this massage makes good use of pregnancy pillows to give you the relaxing and beneficial massage experience you deserve. Can be scheduled all the way to full term.

Book Your Therapeutic Massage Appointment at One of Four Locations

You deserve a relaxing massage at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, located in West Chester, Tri-County, Kenwood, and Hyde Park, Cincinnati. We offer massages for men and women, and even mothers-to-be. Take a day for yourself or buy a gift certificate for someone else. Get in touch today and choose your location and the massage therapy service you desire for a day at the salon and spa.