Bridal Beauty Planner

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Planning with the experts

That’s why we’ve put together the Bridal Planner.With so many things to think about it’s easy to neglect ones’ personal beauty needs. Our Bridal Planner will help you map out a comprehensive course of treatments. One that allows abundant time to achieve ultimate fitness for you hair, skin and nails – with ease and pleasure. Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa has over thirty years of experience with bridal services. This brochure will serve as both a reminder of all your beauty necessities, as well as ‘ guide to formulating you own distinct beauty regimen for your special day ahead.

Why work with experts?

We will walk you through the difference services and help you decide how far ahead of your big day you should begin incorporating them. We will help determine how often and at what intervals you should schedule facials, manicures, hair treatments and more for best results. We will give you tips on the best hair and make up for photography, as well as tips on the minute touch-ups.

Keeping stress at bay

Planning a wedding can be very demanding. Our Bridal Planner encompasses mind, body and spirit. A soothing message can make the difference between a relaxed bride or a stressed bride. We will help you pick services that ease your tension as they rejuvenate your body.

Making sure time is on your side.

Trying to cram a personal beauty regimen into a few days or a week has about as much chance of success as using a fad diet to suddenly drop twenty pounds. Get a head start and relax into a routine of luxury and pampering. You will find a simple grooming plan with make staying on track easy.  Avoid last minute panics over blotchy complexions, unmanageable hair or nails that are brittle or ungroomed. You will look radiant and feel stress free.

We suggest starting eight months prior toy your wedding.

Why so long? Even the healthiest skin and nails are subjected to an everyday onslaught by wind, weather, sun and heat. Starting early gives damaged or tired hair, skin and nails time to heal and helps normal hair and skin stave off the damaging effects of the elements. It also gives you time to learn what services and products work best for you.

Countdown to perfect hair

Don’t wait until the week prior to your wedding to try out your desired hair style or you may get more than you bargained for.How many wedding have you attended where the bride looked like a stranger in an uncustomary bouffant or sudden change to blonde? What might they not give to go back and re-shoot that treasured wedding album?

Start trying hairstayles as soon as you start trying on gowns.

First, make sure your hair is and stay in optimum condition. A series of regular conditioning treatments will get weather or styling damaged hair prepped for optimum performance. They will help de-humidity you hair and create protection against other weathering factors. Get cuts regularly to keep ends in shape. Whether you are going for a new hair style or an updo, try adding a touch of color superior shine and to give depth and interest to your style. Remember, it’s the details that bring the picture to life. Allow yourself time to live with your new look. Several salon visits will help you get a sense of how your hair will look on your wedding day.

Give yourself and your stylist time to perfect it.

It’s also beneficial to give your hair designer time to work with your hairstyle and your desired look prior to your wedding, especially if the style or stylist is new to you. You want time for your stylist to see how your hair responds in different weather conditions, how well it holds curl and how well it lays. Starting early may also surprise you. You may find that the swept back ringlets that looked so chic in the magazine really doesn’t suit you.

Recommendations recap


Hair needs to be in top condition for ultimate shine and manageability. Regular conditioning and deep conditioning treatments keep hair healthy and free of split ends, especially important in humid conditions or if exposed to excessive temperatures. Regular cuts keep ends in shape and styles laying properly. Regular cuts also give you and your stylist time to make any style adjustments Color services add richness, shine and depth to all hair, even your own color. Color foils create dimension to your style for  added interest. An early start allows timefor any color adjustments you may want to make


Facials are one of skins most important advocates. Not only do they help heal flawed or damaged skin, they keep pores clean and unclogged. Young, radiant skin is not an overnight achievement. That is why we strongly urge clients to give ample time to skin care. Facials work wonders for your back too; especially for any strapless or backless gowns. Paraffin treatments keep skin smooth and supple on both hands and feet. The better you maintain your skin, the better the results. Waxing ensures immaculate and easy grooming for both wedding and honeymoon. Start early to control regrowth.


To make sure your nails are in top shape, we recommend monthly manicures and pedicures. This allows ample time to recondition your nails, strengthen your nails and keep cuticles well-conditioned. Hair and Makeup by Mitch’s Salon & Day Spa


Massage therapy revives both muscle and skin alike through increased circulation which brings on a rejuvenating rush of endorphins. Massage has long been known to have wellness properties, alleviate stress and create a sense of peacefulness and calmness Monthly massage treatments keep tress at bay. Stress can cause skin eruptions, fatigue and other emotional upsets.

Flawlessly radiant skin.

Nothing compares to the radiance and grace of beautiful skin. And nothing is more often taken for granted. For those of us with less than perfect skin, now is never too early to begin a healthy skin regimen. That also goes for your entire body. Especially for the bride with the backless gown, the sensuously bare-shouldered dress or for the oh-so-minimal honeymoon bikini.

Schedule monthly facials for a more refined, even complexion.

If you think beauty is skin deep, guess again. A beautiful complexion starts deep below the skin’s surface at the cellular level. Our facial use method and beautiful complexion starts deep below the skin’s surface at and products that penetrate below the surface to stimulate proper cell renewal, improve circulation and help restore the skin’s natural moisture. Skin needs time to thoroughly heal and develop a beautiful, even tone.

Waxing beauty

On this most special of days you don’t want to be caught with razor stubble, or unkempt brows. Start waxing early to slow hair regrowth and finish early to avoid breakouts or redness.

The perfect canvas for the perfect makeup

With your skin in optimum condition, you will find your makeup applies smoother and more evenly. Healthy skin has tight pores, allowing foundations and blushes to go on smoother for a delicate finish.

Who gives this hand?

From the time he slips on the ring and for that special close up of your hand in his; make sure your hands look flawless. Begin manicures early enough to ensure cuticles are in tip-top shape and nails are strong,

Package snapshot

Making memories...from now to vows.

Throw a bachelorette spa party and rekindle old friendships, enjoy a little pampering and just have fun! A totally private spa party. You will look and fed gorgeous and give your bridal party an event they will always remember. Package includes: Therapeutic Massage or Euphoria Facial, Signature Whirlpool Pedicure and Manicure. Minimum of six guests. We will provide fruit and cheese Catering is available for an additional charge.

Convenient packages for the complete bridal party.

Mitchell’s offers all the services your bridal party needs for your big event, as well as a spacious environment in which to do it. Have your whole wedding party get ready at one location. Great for the convenience and the fun of it!

Bridal packages.

Dress Rehearsal Consultation, Hair Style with Veil and Makeup Application. Day of Wedding Hair Style with Veil, Makeup Application and Manicure.

Give them a Mitchell's gift certificate.

The perfect gift for your bridal party. Mitchell’s offers over 100 salon and spa services. With so much to choose from, how can you go wrong. Some of our favorites include manicures, pedicures, facials and massages.

Recommended timeline

Beginning 8 months prior to wedding:
Hair consultation and analysis:

  • Haircut and color (every six to eight wecks with stylist recommendation).
  • Skin consultation along with recommended facial (monthly until the week before your wedding).

Beginning 6 months prior to wedding:
Planning the relaxing bachelorette party:

  • Full body therapeutic massages, signature whirlpool pedicures, manicures and facials.
  • With our private spa dining areas, we can accommodate large groups or carter your event, so bring your whole wedding party!

Beginning 4 months prior to wedding:
Flawless nails:

  • Begin a bi-weekly manicure and pedicure session.
  • Our Spa Events Manager will schedule all your appointments leading up to your wedding day.

Beginning 2 months prior to wedding:
Optimum skin and waxing regimen:

  • We recommend monthly facials for a beautiful complexion.
  • Schedule a consultation and work with one of our estheticians to customize a facial just for you.
  • We also suggest waxing carly enough to slow-down hair regrowth and to avoid breakouts or redness.

Two weeks prior to wedding:

  • Bring your veil or headpiece in for a trial run.

One week prior to wedding:

  • Receive a final haircut and color, facial and waxing services.

One or two days before wedding:

  • Recieve a final manciure and pedicure service.
  • Relax with a full body therapeutic massage with your groom.
  • The hard part of planning your wedding is almost over!

Day of wedding:

  • Hair style with veil with makeup application.
  • Smile, it’s finally here!

Be a Mitchell's bride


Picture Perfect Bridal Package

Trial Run: Consultation, ‘Wedding Ready Hair Style with veil & Makeup Application with lashes.
Day of Wedding: Hair Style with veil, Makeup Application with lashes & Extended Wear Manicure.

Bridal Package

Trail Run: Consultation, Hair Style with veil & Makeup Application with lashes.
Day of Wedding: Hair Style with veil, Makeup Application with lashes & Manicure.

Wedding Party Packages

  • Hair Style & Manicure
  • Hair Style, Manicure & Makeup Application with lashes
  • Hair Style & Makeup Application with lashes

*Private Party Room Available at Kenwood, West Chester & TH-County.

Bachelorette Spa Evening with Massage

Signature Full Body Therapeutic Massage, Signature Whirlpool Pedicure.

Bachelorette Spa Evening with Facial

Signature Full Body Therapeutic Massage, Signature Whirlpool Pedicure.

Wedding Party Manicure e Pedicure Group Pricing Available!


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