Cincinnati Manicures

Manicures and Nail Salon Services for Men and Women

Service Name Nail Technician Master Nail Technician Nail Director Artistic Nail Director Senior Artistic Nail Director
WOMEN’S MANICURE 27.50 29.00 30.00 32.50 34.50
EXTENDED WEAR MANICURE 45.00 46.50 47.50 50.00 52.00
MANICURE PEDICURE COMBO 85.50 92.50 97.00 109.50 118.00
MEN’S MANICURE 26.50 27.50 29.00 31.50 33.50
CHILD’S MANICURE (12 years & under) 24.00 25.00 26.50 29.00 31.50
COLLAGEN INFUSED MANICURE 40.50 42.00 43.00 45.50 47.50
HOT STONE MANICURE 56.00 57.00 58.50 60.50 63.00
SPORTS MANICURE 25.00 27.00 29.00 31.50 34.00
POLISH CHANGE – FINGER NAILS 20.00 21.50 22.50 25.00 26.50
ACRYLIC NAILS – FULL SET 70.00 76.00 82.00 88.50 95.50
ACRYLIC NAILS – FILL IN 46.50 49.50 53.00 56.00 60.00
ACRYLIC NAILS – OVERLAY 55.00 61.50 74.50 80.00 86.00
STRUCTURE GEL NAILS – FULL SET 70.00 76.00 82.00 88.50 95.50
STRUCTURE GEL NAILS – REBALANCE 46.50 49.50 53.00 56.00 60.00
STRUCTURE GEL NAILS – OVERLAY 55.00 61.50 74.50 80.00 86.00
ARTIFICIAL BUFF & POLISH 25.00 26.50 29.00 31.50 33.50
ARTIFICIAL NAIL MEND 11.50 12.50 13.50 14.50 15.50
ARTIFICIAL NAIL REMOVAL WITH MANICURE 47.50 48.50 49.50 53.00 56.50
COLLAGEN INFUSED HAND TREATMENT 13.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 13.00
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.
* Nail Trainee services & pricing offered based on availability.

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Looking for the best manicure in Cincinnati? You’ll find it at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa

At Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, we offer a variety of manicures designed to give you beautiful nails and soft, smooth, younger looking hands. Whether you’re ready to treat yourself to a full set of nails, or need a basic-but-fabulous manicure, at Mitchell’s, you’ll find exactly what you need to keep your nails and hands looking their best.

Mitchell’s isn’t your average Cincinnati nail salon. Our award-winning, full-service spas in Kenwood, Hyde Park, Tri-County, and West Chester, are staffed with expertly trained nail technicians who combine years of experience with a passion for excellence to give you the ultimate manicure experience.

A Top Nail Salon

There’s a manicure for everyone at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, from the athlete who needs a little TLC for tough cuticles and dry skin, to the fashionista ready for a full set of elegant French tipped nails. And we also offer collagen infused hand treatments – perfect for when you’re ready to pamper your hands.

Ready for eye-catching beautiful nails at affordable prices? Consider our gel or acrylic manicures, and elevate it with an overlay. And if you’re ready for a relaxing manicure experience, how about a hot stone manicure that combines warm stones with a nourishing oil treatment and therapeutic massage?

Mitchell’s collagen infused manicure can dramatically improve the look and texture of your skin. And yes, we’ve got a manicure designed just for men, too.

Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa Manicure Packages

Manicure packages: The ultimate, luxurious experience

Ready for a manicure… and more? Mitchell’s has a variety of spa packages including a teen manicure and express pedicure, manicure and pedicure package for two, and a men’s package that includes our signature manicure. In fact, we can customize a manicure package just for you.

And because Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa is known as Cincinnati’s premiere salon and spa for brides, we’re excited to offer a number of manicure packages and services for the bride-to-be and her wedding party. It’s one of the most important days of your life, and we’ll make sure you walk down the aisle with beautiful nails.

Ready for a manicure from the salon and spa that’s consistently voted the best in Cincinnati? Book your appointment today.