Haircuts for Men, Women & Kids in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Service NameDesignerMaster
HAIRCUT ONLY44.5054.5057.5062.0067.00
HAIRCUT & FINISHED DESIGN50.5062.0067.0073.5080.50
HAIRCUT & FINISHED DESIGN WITH COLOR37.0048.5053.0058.5067.00
CHILDREN’S HAIRCUT (12 & under)29.5034.0036.0039.5041.50
MEN’S HAIRCUT42.0049.5052.0055.5059.50
BANG / BEARD TRIM22.0023.5023.5023.5027.00
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.

At Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, we offer haircuts for men, women, and children.

Get a Specialty Haircut for Any Occasion

What does “the perfect haircut” mean to you? For us, it means sitting you down and figuring out what style works best. Each individual has a different set of factors that set them apart. Your hair may be wavy, curly, short, or long. You have a particular bone structure and facial features that need to be framed just right. These are just some of the elements we use to help you discover the perfect look, however you choose to wear your hair.

Need Haircut Ideas? Get a Design Consultation

It all begins with a haircut consultation with one of our skilled stylists. Our design experts take the whole you into consideration when it comes to choosing the ideal haircut. From your bone structure and unique facial features, to the type of lifestyle you lead and how you wish to be seen. The result is the perfect cut or cut and style that appeals to the sense of who you are, and who you want to be. We also make sure that any cut and style you choose is easily styled at home in front of your bathroom mirror.

Haircuts for Men, Women & Kids

We have stylists ready to serve you, depending on your needs and budget. From hair designers to artistic directors with vast experience, you are sure to love your haircut experience from beginning to end. We go out of our way to ensure you always come back for more by treating your head like a canvas, and your haircut like a work of art.

Haircut Only

Want a haircut without all the frills? Have a seat, relax, and enjoy a day at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. Your experience will give you access to the skills of a specially trained hair designer. Whether you want a little trim or a complete makeover, sit back and watch the magic happen. You’ve never had a haircut quite like this. By the end of your experience, you will be able to walk out of our salon feeling like a brand-new person. Your hair will be shampooed, conditioned & cut to your liking.

Haircut & Finished Design

Get a haircut and design from some of the best haircut specialists in the greater Cincinnati area. We do more than trim your bangs and tidy around your ears. Our haircut experts will take your design ideas into consideration to give you a customized look suited only for you. Your hair will be shampooed, conditioned, cut, and styled to your liking. Walk out of our salon with a new look that is easily replicable at home.

Haircut & Finished Design with Color

Sometimes, a new look means more than a simple cut and style. When you want to change your image and turn heads, a brand-new color is also in order. We can match your hair color to your skin tone and texture to help you stand out from the crowd. With this discounted service combination, your hair will be colored exactly as you wish, shampooed and conditioned before it is cut and styled to your liking.

Children’s Haircuts

We love to cut and style children’s hair. That’s good news for parents looking for a stress-free experience. Bring your kids 12 and under to our salon and watch their young faces light up. Our skilled hair designers are experts at working with children of all ages. Whether your child loves getting haircuts or is a handful in the stylist’s chair, we offer supreme patience and a range of stylish designs that are perfect for the modern kid. During their appointment, your child’s hair will be shampooed, conditioned, and cut to his/her liking.

Men’s Haircuts

As a man who always wants to look his best, our hair design experts have you covered. We have everything you need to enjoy the perfect men’s cut. We can leave your hair short, medium, or on the longer side. We work with all textures of hair and use only the highest-quality products, from shampoos and conditioners, to the latest men’s hair styling solutions. Get your hair shampooed, conditioned, cut, and styled as you prefer.

Bang/Beard Trim

Just a little off the top? No problem. Want your beard trimmed but not too much? You’ve come to the right place. Choose your level of hair specialist and we will ensure you get just the right amounts of hair removed to complete your ideal look. Includes 15 minutes of bang or beard trimming for a new look and total relaxation.

Schedule Your Hair Salon Appointment Today

We are now accepting appointments for consultations, cuts, designs, kids’ cuts, men’s cuts, bangs and beard trims. Schedule today in West Chester, Tri-County, Hyde Park, or Kenwood and get the look you want.