Hair Coloring Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

In-Salon Hair Coloring for Men & Women
Service NameDesignerMaster
VIRGIN FOIL HIGHLIGHTING150.00169.00176.50186.00193.50
FOIL HIGHLIGHTING (entire head)139.00157.00164.00171.50178.00
BALAYAGE / OMBRE216.00237.00248.00251.50257.00
TRI-COLOR FOILING181.50200.50208.00215.00222.50
SPOTLIGHTS (15 FOILS OR LESS)62.5070.0072.0075.5078.00
PARTIAL FOIL HIGHLIGHTING (front half of head)121.00133.50140.00144.50150.50
COLOR BETWEEN FOILS72.0076.5080.5080.5083.50
FOIL WITH COLOR OVERLAY152.50171.50178.00186.00192.50
PARTIAL FOIL WITH OVERLAY137.00149.00157.00160.00165.00
VIVID COLORBy Quotation – Prior Consultation Required
PERMANENT COLOR – RETOUCH80.5089.0092.0092.0092.00
PERMANENT COLOR – VIRGIN HAIR105.50117.00120.00122.50124.50
PERMANENT COLOR – VIRGIN LONG HAIR117.00127.50131.50134.50137.00
FOILING – EXTRA COLOR31.00 Partial          36.50 Whole Head
CORRECTIVE COLORBy Quotation – Prior Consultation Required
DOUBLE PROCESS BLONDING – VIRGIN HAIR123.50140.00147.00147.00147.00
DOUBLE PROCESS BLONDING – VIRGIN LONG HAIR141.00159.00166.00166.00166.00
DOUBLE PROCESS BLONDING RETOUCH104.50113.50116.00116.00116.00
SEMI-PERMANENT COLOR76.5083.5084.5084.5085.50
* Note: Prices for color services do not include haircut, finished design or conditioning.
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.

Schedule a day at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa for hair coloring by Cincinnati’s best design experts. Ask about our gift certificates as well.

Get an Infusion of Color by Cincinnati’s Best Hair Designers

The color and style of your hair is the first thing people notice when you meet. Give the best first impression and stand out with unique hair colorings by Cincinnati’s premier hair color specialists.

Looking for a unique color? Maybe a blonde, ash, or purple shade that is difficult to obtain? Want to bring out the best of your personality with some highlights or lowlights? Are you looking for the trendiest hair colorings that turn heads wherever you go?

You can have it all at Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa, where we can transform your look to match your unique sense of style.

Virgin Foil Highlighting

This service is designed for those who want their hair colored for the first time. Foil highlights on virgin hair can be used to create a natural lightness that adds dimension to your hair while brightening up your look. The foil allows the highlights to be placed near the scalp for a nature-made appearance. Options range from platinum and dark to every shade in between.

Foil Highlighting (Entire Head)

When you want your entire head lightened, even underneath, our premium hair color stylists have you covered. This style is ideal when you want your highlights to show even when you wear your hair up. The price does not include a haircut or finished design.


The Balayage is a French style that has become all the rage in Hollywood. The hair color is the best way to give yourself that natural, sun-kissed look. Using natural looking highlights, your hair is sectioned off into triangular pieces that are painted from top to bottom to create a graduated look that appears natural. The end result mimics how your hair would look after a summer at the beach. Good candidates have medium to thick hair, coarse, or wavy hair.

The Ombre is another French style that is painted from the middle strands of your hair downward. This gives the effect of dark roots with highlighted tips. This hair color style is ideal for those wanting a trendy look with medium to thick hair. Does not include a haircut or finished design.

Tri-Color Foiling

Having trouble deciding between highlights and lowlights? Why not get both with our tri-color service? This is the best hair design option if you want a natural-looking color treatment with three different shades. Your stylist can highlight the top layer of your hair while giving you lowlights underneath to give your hair more depth and dimension. Does not include a haircut or finished design.

Spotlights (15 Foils or Less)

With a selection of strategically placed foils, you control the look you receive. Get highlights, lowlights, a base color, or a multidimensional look that is uniquely your own. Go for soft and natural or bold and beautiful, however you choose to be. Does not include a haircut or finished style design.

Partial Foil Highlighting (front half of head)

This hair coloring treatment gives your hair a brightening effect that will frame your face just right. Most of your natural hair color will peek through from the back and around the nape of your neck, giving you a half head of highlights and far more dimension.

Color Between Foils

During this treatment, the color is added directly to your hair without enclosing it in foils. The result is uniform color at any length. You choose the color and we’ll add high-contrast dimension throughout your entire look from roots to ends. Does not include a haircut or finished design.

Foil with Color Overlay

Your hair color specialist will add foils to your hair before applying a second color to your entire head. This creates a multi-dimensional effect to your hair from roots to ends. Choose the level of depth you desire and go for subtle or bold.

Partial Foil with Overlay

When you only want an overlay over the top half or bottom half of your hair, choose your color glaze and prepare to get noticed with a brand-new style that is uniquely your own. Your hair color specialist will add the second color after the foils are applied.

Vivid Color

Think outside the box and choose a unique color or range of colors. Whether you feel like neon, pastel, gold, rainbow, silver, coral or lavender, the possibilities are endless. Ask your design consultant about the hair color you have in mind.

Permanent Color – Retouch

Maintain your hair color and cover those roots with a permanent touch-up by Cincinnati’s best hair color stylists. This treatment will breathe new life into your dull strands. Color is applied to regrowth only.

Permanent Color – Virgin Hair

First time getting your hair dyed? Retain moisture and prevent damage by getting your hair colored by design experts using the safest hair color products. Your untouched hair will be colored with a blend that gives you a slightly lighter or darker effect.

Permanent Color – Virgin Long Hair

Get a permanent color on untouched hair at a longer length. We give your hair the close attention it deserves to give you standout color in any shade.

Foiling – Extra Color

Add additional color to your hair with the popular foiling technique, the best way to add depth and dimension to your hair while sporting a one-of-a-kind look.

Corrective Color

Did you try the DIY hair coloring method with disastrous results? Have no fear. Our hair color experts will have you looking salon-perfect. We require a consultation first before booking this hair coloring treatment.

Double Process Blonding – Virgin Hair

Book a consultation to discuss the double blonding process on untouched hair. The treatment uses a high-quality bleaching product to give you platinum blonde hair that is shiny, feminine, and ultra-chic.

Double Process Blonding – Virgin Long Hair

This service is reserved for those with hair that may require more time and product. Book a consultation first before scheduling your hair coloring appointment. When it’s time for your appointment, we’ll give your hair the extra attention it needs. We use impactful techniques that result in a flawless and “glam” appearance.

Double Process Blonding Retouch

Visit our salon and day spa to get your hair retouched with a double blonde platinum treatment that recharges your look and illuminates your appearance. The bleaching solution is applied to regrowth only.

Semi-Permanent Color

This temporary hair gloss treatment blends seamlessly with your natural hair and even comes in clear if you want to retain your true color. Hide the gray or enhance your natural tone with each application. Price does not include a haircut or finished design.


A bond multiplier is added to your highlights to protect hair from damage. Get Olaplex during a Balayage color to ensure the strongest, healthiest, and silkiest hair. Book as a standalone service for ultra-conditioning or upgrade your color service to make the shade last longer with more vibrancy.

Book a Hair Color Appointment at One of Four Convenient Locations

Our hair color stylists are ready to give your hair a complete makeover. Choose your service, shade, and level of hair expert, and walk out of our salon with a brand-new look. Contact us in Hyde Park, Kenwood, Tri-County, or West Chester and book your day at the salon for a hair coloring treatment like no other.