Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa Peels in Cincinnati, OH


Chemical Peels use scientifically formulated compounds to break down the top layer, or layers, of skin to help diminish the look of fine lines, wrinkles & uneven skin tone. Peels speed up the process of skin renewal & re-growth.
All peels require a complimentary consultation two weeks prior to receiving treatment & require a commitment to use specific products, at home, before peel can be performed.
Not all chemical peels are the same. The benefits of a peel can vary.

Benefits Include

  • Acne reduction 
  • Skin tone lightening & brightening 
  • Scar smoothing
  • Fine lines & wrinkle reduction
  • Pigmentation correction 
  • Tightening of the skin
  • Sun damage correction 
  • Deeply hydrates 
  • Refines pores 
  • …. Just to list a few!

Frequently Asked Ouestions:

 It is imperative to do an in-depth skin analysis to determine which peel would best suit your needs and expectations. We will also prescribe the necessary pre-peel products for you to use up to 6 weeks before your peel. The protocol will be determined based your lifestyle, genetics and expectations. Home care is critical pre and post peel to achieve the optimum results.

This will all depend on the type of peel chosen. It can vary from very slight flaking to two weeks of shedding depending on the peel.

Procedures vary depending on the chemical peel chosen. Skin is prepped using a medical degreaser to ensure the treated area is free of any oils. The peel is then applied and typically remains on the skin 3-5 minutes. Most clients feel a mild to moderate stinging and warmth but this subsides after a few minutes. Some peels are designed to self neutralize and remain on the skin.

Recovery time will vary based on the type and strength of your peel. Immediately after the peel your skin will feel tight and may be red. Any visible peeling will probably not occur for 24-48 hours and can vary from slight flaking to a complete shedding of the upper layer that can peel for up to two weeks. With some peels pigmentation will appear darker until the peeling starts.

Only the recommended products should be used for the first 24-48 hours. It is imperative to wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun. Do not do strenuous exercise, avoid direct steam of hot showers and even be careful coming in contact with a hot oven. In some people if these are not followed it could result in blistering and swelling. Do not pick or peel the skin, this could result in scarring.

The success of the peel should not be judged by the amount of peeling, but by the end results that the peel produces. The amount of peeling will vary depending on your skin condition at the time of the peel and the depth of the peel. Regardless of the degree of peeling, the skin is still sloughing off at an accelerated rate, resulting in improved skin tone and texture and an improvement in fine lines and uneven pigmentation.

Chemical peels should be avoided if any of the following conditions are present:

  • Active cold sores, herpes simplex or warts in the area to be treated 
  • Wounded, sunburned or excessively sensitive skin 
  • Accutane use within the last year 
  • Recent chemotherapy or radiation therapy 
  • Allergies to aspirin 
  • Women who are pregnant or actively breastfeeding 
  • Clients with Vitiligo 
  • Clients with a history of autoimmune disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, MS, etc) or any condition that may weaken the immune system