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Manicures in Cincinnati, Ohio

Men’s & Women’s Manicures - Restore and Invigorate Your Nails

Service NameNail
Master Nail
Artistic Nail
Artistic Nail
WOMEN’S MANICURE29.0030.5031.5034.0036.00
EXTENDED WEAR GEL MANICURE47.0048.5049.5052.0054.00
MANICURE PEDICURE COMBO89.0096.00100.50113.50122.00
MEN’S MANICURE28.0029.0030.5033.0035.00
CHILD’S MANICURE (12 years & under)24.5026.0027.5030.0032.50
COLLAGEN INFUSED MANICURE42.5044.0045.0047.5049.50
HOT STONE MANICURE59.0060.0061.5063.5066.00
SPORTS MANICURE26.5028.5030.5033.0035.50
POLISH CHANGE – FINGER NAILS20.5022.0023.0026.0027.50
ACRYLIC NAILS – FULL SET72.0078.5084.5091.0098.50
ACRYLIC NAILS – FILL IN48.0051.0054.5057.5062.00
ACRYLIC NAILS – OVERLAY56.5063.5076.5082.5088.50
STRUCTURE GEL NAILS – FULL SET72.0078.5084.5091.0098.50
STRUCTURE GEL NAILS – REBALANCE48.0051.0054.5057.5062.00
STRUCTURE GEL NAILS – OVERLAY56.5063.5076.5082.5088.50
ARTIFICIAL BUFF & POLISH26.0027.5030.0032.5034.50
ARTIFICIAL NAIL MEND12.0013.0014.0015.0016.00
COLLAGEN INFUSED HAND TREATMENT13.5013.5013.5013.5013.50
* Nail Trainee services & pricing offered based on availability.
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.

Get a manicure from Cincinnati’s best nail technicians at one of our four locations around Cincinnati. Book your appointment today!

Visit Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa for a relaxing manicure appointment designed to make your nails stronger, healthier, and far more beautiful.

Choose your level of nail technician and the color and brand of product you desire. Then sit back and relax as we give your nails a professional polish you can only get at a premium salon.

Women’s Manicure

The appearance of your nails says a lot about you. Let us help you make the best first impression with glamorous nails that last. Nails are filed and shaped. The cuticles are softened in warm towels and groomed before the nails are buffed to perfection. Hands and arms are massaged, and polish is applied, to finish off the service. Book weekly manicures for the best and longest-lasting results.

Extended Wear Gel Manicure

For women who want a manicure that lasts and always looks its best, the Extended Wear Gel Manicure is perfect for you. This chip-free formula looks like regular nail polish, but without the drying time. The thin and flexible material can be removed with ease and is cured with UV light between coats. The result is a finish that won’t chip and that lasts for up to 14 days. Get stronger nails that hold up in any situation by choosing Extended Wear nails. Service includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle grooming, and a hand massage.

Spa Manicure

Book your relaxing day at the spa and get a manicure performed by an experienced and caring nail technician. Your nails have never looked this good. Our Mitchell’s Manicure with a little extra. Our Spa Manicure revitalizes your skin by including a sugar scrub to exfoliate as well as a luxuriously hydrating mud masque to cleanse and tighten. The appointment ends with a relaxing massage of your hands and arms before the polish of your choice is added.

Manicure Pedicure Combo

Sit back, relax, and let us care for all of your fingers and toes. Bask in the spa ambiance as we buff, file, and massage away your worries with this manicure and pedicure combination that is a must for the busy woman. The manicure and pedicure must be scheduled on the same day to receive combo pricing. Not valid with other coupons, discounts, package discounts, or holiday promotional gift certificates.

Men’s Manicure

This manicure is designed for the working man who wants cleaner and healthier nails for a professional appearance. Your nail technician will first file and shape your nails before softening and shaping your cuticles. Your nails and hands are then buffed before the appointment finished with a relaxing arm massage. No polish is applied. Book weekly men’s manicures for long-lasting results.

Child’s Manicure (12 years & under)

Show your children what a day at the spa entails. We have child-safe treatments that will have your kids’ nails always looking their best. Our same great manicure at a lower price for children 12 and under.

Collagen Infused Manicure

Indulge your hands with this durable nail treatment that will give you show-ready digits for any occasion. Choose your color and style and prepare to be wowed with beautiful nails you will love to show off. After a nourishing manicure, your hands and arms are exfoliated with sea salts and massaged before warm collagen mitts are applied. These collagen mitts are infused with Shea Butter to help reduce fine lines on your hands. The warmth will also help to soften cuticles. A relaxing hand and arm massage is then performed. Skin is left looking and feeling younger than ever! Nails are polished to finish off this luxurious service.

Hot Stone Manicure

This luxurious manicure treatment can ease your stress and give you more beautiful nails. Each treatment uses hot stones and skin nourishing products that exfoliate, nourish, and massage your hands. Then treat your nails to a makeover with the color and brand of product you prefer. This therapeutic manicure includes a scrumptious sugar scrub to exfoliate your hands and arms before a warm paraffin is applied to deeply moisturize. The service ends with a luxurious hot stone hand and arm massage.

Sports Manicure

For men and women who play and work hard, the sports manicure will give you strong, healthy nails that can stand up to anything. Feel good and look great, on and off the field. Your nails and cuticles are groomed to perfection before a soothing lotion is applied. Leave with buffed nails or a clear set of polish.

Polish Change – Fingernails

Did you try the DIY nail polish method with disastrous results? Or did you go to a third-party salon and don’t like the blend of color you received? Visit our salon and day spa and get your nails changed to any style you prefer.

Acrylic Nails – Full Set

Bolster your nails with a full set of acrylic nails in any color and style you want. We use only the highest-quality acrylic solutions that won’t chip or fade, leaving you with enviable nails that shine. Tips or forms are applied to give your nails length. An artificial acrylic coating is applied as a covering to provide strength before each nail is smoothed and polished. Fill-ins are recommended every two weeks to maintain your lustrous results.

Acrylic Nails – Fill In

Schedule a follow-up appointment when your nails need a refresh and we can give you an acrylic fill-in that includes the same color. Acrylic is filled into the re-growth area of your nails and polish is re-applied. Book a fill-in manicure every two weeks to maintain your beautiful look.

Acrylic Nails – Overlay

Get a new set of acrylic overlays that add style and grace to your already beautiful nails. Each treatment will leave your skin soft and rejuvenated while we buff and gloss your nails to a rich sheen. An Acrylic coating is applied over the natural nail to add strength to your natural length. Your nails are then smoothed and polished. Fill-ins are recommended every two weeks to maintain your results.

Structure Gel Nails – Full Set

This popular manicure treatment combines solar power and hydrating liquids to give you longer and stronger nails. Each gel nail set gives you a salon finish that lasts. Tips are applied to the natural nail to add length and hard gel is applied to add strength. Each nail is then smoothed and polished. Gel fill-ins are recommended every two weeks to maintain excellent results.

Structure Gel Nails – Fill In

Get your gel nails refreshed anytime you like by professional manicure specialists at one of our four locations around greater Cincinnati. Hard gel is filled into the regrowth area before each nail is smoothed and polished. Book every two weeks to maintain your results.

Structure Gel Nails – Overlay

Gel nail overlays add all new dimensions to your already beautiful nails. Find out what is possible by choosing a style and color that is uniquely your own. A gel resin is applied only to the natural nail, which doesn’t add length. After the gel is applied, your nails are placed under a UV light to cure.

Forever French – Full Set

Forever French nails have white tips and a pink base. The result is the Permanent French Look, without the polish. Schedule an appointment for Forever French fill-ins every two weeks to maintain your results.

Forever French – Fill In

Get your Forever French tips refilled whenever they begin to fade for nails that always stand out and get noticed. Nails have white tips and a pink base to achieve a permanent French look without polish. Service is recommended every two weeks.

Artificial Buff & Polish

Keep your artificial nails looking their best while treating your hands to a relaxing manicure by Cincinnati’s best nail technicians. Acrylic nails are buffed down at the regrowth area and new polish is applied. This in-between fill-in service allows for two nail mends, if needed.

Artificial Nail Mend

Are your nails chipped or cracked? We can buff, polish, and mend or replace your nails so that they look and feel like nature gave them to you.

Artificial Nail Removal with Manicure

Engage in a relaxing soaking session as we remove your artificial nails safely before giving you a manicure to remember. Each session will leave your hands soft and healthy with nails that look out of this world. Artificial nails are soaked and removed, followed by a natural nail manicure for hands that look cleaner and more refreshed.

Collagen Infused Hand Treatment

Treat your hands with this collagen treatment that fortifies and nourishes your skin. Each treatment uses shea butter and collagen-rich emulsion, a combination that penetrates and moisturizes your skin. Great for reducing fine lines on the hands.

Schedule a Manicure Treatment Today by Cincinnati’s Best Nail Technicians

At Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, we offer a full menu of manicure services for men, women, and kids. Bring your whole family down for a relaxing day at the spa or buy a gift certificate and give the gift of a manicure to someone you love. Our manicures are also perfect for bridal parties, teen parties, or anyone looking to getaway. Contact us today and book your appointment for an in-salon spa manicure.