Women’s Hair Perms Treatments in Cincinnati, Ohio

Perm Your Hair or Get it Relaxed for an Enjoyable Salon Experience
Service NameDesignerMaster
DESIGN PERMANENT WAVE133.50147.00161.50173.00185.50
DESIGN PERMANENT WAVE – LONG HAIR144.00158.50174.50187.00200.00
PARTIAL PERMANENT WAVE122.50134.50148.50158.50169.50
CUSTOM WRAPBy Quotation – Prior Consultation Required
VIRGIN PERM RELAXER WITH HAIRCUT156.00174.50181.50181.50181.50
VIRGIN LONG HAIR RELAXER WITH HAIRCUT176.00195.50202.00202.00202.00
PERM RELAXER RETOUCH107.00117.50125.00125.00125.00
PARTIAL PERM RELAXER62.0074.5081.5081.5081.50
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.

Schedule a perm at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa to add beauty and bounce to your hair in a single appointment. Four convenient locations!

The “perm” was all the rage back in the 1980s. At Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, we are bringing the perm back with a variety of styles to choose from. Get the traditional perm or get your hair relaxed, whichever you prefer, and highlight your best features. Not sure if a perm or relaxer treatment is right for you? Schedule a consultation with one of our premium design experts and we’ll help you make the best decision for your type of hair.

Design Permanent Wave

Give your hair a collection of permanent beach waves that are the definition of effortlessly chic. Designed for straight hair that only wants to lie down, a wavy perm will give you more volume for a full head of luxurious hair. Keep in mind that you will leave our salon with wet hair.

Design Permanent Wave – Long Hair

For hair that runs past your shoulders, you can also get a wave that inspires. Each strand of your hair is delicately treated and permed for a style that is perfect for a day at the beach. This procedure adds more time to your appointment and will leave you with wet hair.

Partial Permanent Wave

Want to go with only a slight wave? Our hair design experts have you covered. Your design expert will give you a set of subtle waves to the front half of your hair to add curl. You will leave our salon with wet hair.

Extra Permanent Wave Solution Needed

Think your hair is too “difficult” to be permed? Nonsense! Our hair stylists give your hair exactly the amount of solution it needs to add curls and waves to your hair without over processing. $36.00 will be added to the final price if more perm solution is needed.

Custom Wrap

A custom wrap at our salon and day spa can infuse your hair with root enhancing vitamins, while giving your hair more lift and bounce. The gentle formula contains everything you need to keep your hair protected while wearing the style of perm you desire. Price by quotation only. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your hair styling needs.

Haircut & Finished Design with Perm Service

In the mood for a full-service salon experience? Schedule a haircut, design, and perm that is made to order. Relax and get a complete makeover by Cincinnati’s best stylists. Price includes a shampoo, cut, and premium hair style.

Virgin Perm Relaxer with Haircut

Designed for first-time chemical relaxer clients only, this is your chance to get smoother and silkier hair without all the fuzz. The relaxer is applied to your naturally curly hair. We will then shampoo, cut, and blow-dry your hair before giving you a hairstyle that makes your true beauty shine through.

Virgin Long Hair Relaxer with Haircut

Want to keep your longer hair length? Our expert stylists will add just the right amount of keratin protein hair straightener to tame your hair for precise styling. Then get the ends cut just right to show off your newly relaxed hairstyle.

Perm Relaxer Retouch

When your perm begins to fall, it’s time for your follow-up appointment. We can refresh and rejuvenate your perm to give you the luxurious style you love. During the appointment, the chemical relaxer is applied to your entire head to straighten your naturally curly hair.

Partial Perm Relaxer

A partial perm relaxer treatment will give your hair character while helping you stand out from the crowd. We only use the safest and most eco-friendly styling products that protect your hair, while giving you the beauty and bounce you crave. The chemical relaxer will be applied to half of your head (or less) to straighten your naturally curly hair.

Book a Day at the Salon & Spa for a Perm Appointment to Remember

Don’t try to perm your hair at home. Instead, treat yourself with a day at the salon and spa. Contact us at one of our four convenient locations in West Chester, Kenwood, Tri-County, and Hyde Park, and choose the perm or relaxer treatment you prefer. We will have you leaving our salon feeling effortless and confident in your newly styled hair.