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Men’s Hair Salon and Haircuts

Haircuts, Waxing & Massage in Cincinnati, Ohio

Service NameDesignerMaster
Men’s Haircut42.0049.5052.0055.5059.50
Men’s Hair ColorBy Quotation – Prior Consultation Required
Beard Trim22.0023.5023.5023.5027.00
Men’s Massage89.5096.00102.50109.00120.00
Gentleman’s Treatment Facial85.5091.5096.00102.50108.50
Men’s Manicure28.0029.0030.5033.0035.00
Men’s Signature Pedicure65.0071.0075.0089.5096.50
Sports Manicure26.5028.5030.5033.0035.50
Sports Pedicure52.5056.0060.5065.0069.50
Eyebrow Wax26.5030.0032.5032.5032.50
Back Wax54.50 & up
Nose Wax22.0022.0022.0022.0022.00
Ear Wax22.0022.0022.0022.0022.00
* Note: Elite Artist pricing will vary.

Mitchell's Barber Services - Kenwood Location Only

Men deserve a day at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, too. Get men’s grooming services including haircuts, beard trimming, massage, and more.

At Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, we believe men also deserve a day of pampering. That is why we offer a full range of men’s grooming services, including haircuts, beard trimming, waxing, and massage. We have been helping men bring out their true sense of style for over thirty years. Now, we offer you a chance to experience a day at the salon you won’t soon forget.

Relax and Feel Confident While Looking Your Best

Our friendly, professional team of expert hair designers are skilled and trained to deliver the best haircuts while providing you with outstanding customer service. You will be greeted by smiling faces and a comfortable atmosphere. Kick back, enjoy the ambiance, and choose the men’s hair care services you like best.

Men’s Haircut

Short, spiked, long, trendy, sophisticated, contemporary, or out of this world. However you choose to wear your hair, our men’s grooming experts can accommodate you. We use only the best equipment and highest-quality hair care products that are designed to give men the grooming experience they desire. Sit back, relax, and feel your best as we give you a haircut that brings out the best of you. Hair is shampooed, conditioned, cut and styled to your liking.

Men’s Hair Color

Cover up that grey or take your look to another level. We offer a wide range of hair colors that can bring out the best of your personality or simply make you stand out. Your hair color treatment won’t damage your hair but will leave it soft and manageable with just the right tint to satisfy you. By quotation – prior consultation required.

Beard Trim

You worked hard to grow your beard. Let us help you show it off. We can give you a close crop or take a little off the ends, however you choose to wear your facial hair. We can even shape your beard to give you a one-of-a-kind look you’ll love to show off. 15-minute service.

Men’s Massage

We can combine your men’s grooming experience with an expert massage, giving you a chance to ease the pressure off your shoulders. Close your eyes and relax as we ease away your tension and work away the tightness in your muscles. Feel a rush of comfort flow through your body as our talented massage therapists revive your spirit and increase your energy level, while improving your circulation. This is what men’s pampering is all about. Available in 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions.

Gentleman’s Treatment Facial

Get a clean and professional makeover with a facial treatment designed for a man. Achieve clearer pores and a revitalized glow while protecting your facial hair (if you wear any). Your face will feel cleaner and more presentable, giving you the confidence to hold your head high. The focus is on relaxation and balance of the skin. Experience our deep cleansing, hydrating facial to help those stubborn razor bumps and skin imperfections. Your skin will benefit from the active enzymes and antioxidants which exfoliate, hydrate, and neutralize free radical damage. Feet, shoulders, and arms will also be massaged throughout the service. Perfect for every man.

Men’s Manicure

Let us file your nails down and soften your skin while shaping your cuticles. Choose the length of nails you want. We can even give you a polished solution to give your fingernails a certain level of sheen. This is a man’s nail treatment you will love coming back for. Nails are filed and shaped, cuticles are softened in warm water and groomed, nails are buffed, and hands and arms are massaged. No polish is applied. Service is recommended weekly.

Men’s Signature Pedicure

You are on your feet all day long. Isn’t it time you put them up and allowed us to pamper you? Our men’s signature pedicure comes complete with a foot buffing and vitamin-infused massage complete with nail trimming and polishing. Walk out of our salon and day spa feeling refreshed with a foot treatment made for kings. Feet are soaked in a warm whirlpool and groomed to perfection. Feet are exfoliated with a sugar scrub and massaged. Nails are buffed or clear polish is applied.

Sports Manicure

For the man who works hard on and off the field, we offer a men’s manicure that will leave your hands ready to take on the world. Get your nails trimmed to the length you desire and receive a treatment of nail strengthening solution that lets you perform at your best. Nails and cuticles are groomed, nails are buffed, and lotion is applied for moisture. Service does not include polish or our hand and arm massage.

Sports Pedicure

Runners, players, and hard workers often have bunions, corns, calluses, and other unattractive foot problems. We can file, trim, and buff your feet so that running and playing become effortless once again. Our nail technicians will soothe your tired and active feet with hydrating moisturizers. Includes cuticle grooming and nail trimming without the polish.

Eyebrow Wax

Let us tame your unruly eyebrows with wax treatments designed for today’s modern man. Whether you want the hair taken off around the edges or a completely reshaped brow, our precision wax experts will leave you with streamlined eyebrows that bring out your very best features. Two weeks of hair growth is required. Service includes hair removal along the brow line in addition to shaping of the eyebrows.

Back Wax

Is your back too hairy for comfort? Let our wax professionals remove the hair to leave the skin underneath healthy and smooth. We can remove the hair off the backs of your shoulders and arms and wax your back from top to bottom. Each treatment brings fast relief to all that pesky back hair for hair removal that lasts. Two weeks hair growth is required.

Nose Wax

Hair growing in your nose can be unsightly. Let us provide you with a soothing wax treatment that uses warm hard wax to leave the inner and outer parts of your nose completely hair-free.

Ear Wax

Ear hair can be difficult to trim all on your own. Leave those stray hairs to our men’s body wax professionals. We use high-quality warm hard wax and delicate processes to clear the hair from both ears for long-lasting relief.

Schedule an Appointment for Men’s Grooming Services at One of Four Locations

Instead of visiting the barbershop, treat yourself to an appointment at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. From haircuts and beard trims, to manicures and pedicures to suit your lifestyle, we are the man’s one-stop-shop to relax. Get a massage while you’re at it or buy a gift certificate to give the gift of men’s grooming to someone you love. Contact us in West Chester, Hyde Park, Tri-County, or Kenwood and choose the men’s grooming service best suited for you.