Spa – Testimonials

“I have been to Mitchell’s on three different occasions. I’ve received 2 full body massages, a facial, and a maternity massage. Every time is a great experience. The staff is so friendly and comforting. The facility is beautiful and so relaxing and they do an excellent job relaxing you and making you feel so good! I recommend Mitchell’s to everyone!”

“I got a brazilian wax done a week ago, and Mitchell’s is the only place I will ever go for a brazilian from now on. The experience was wonderful, Gale is incredibly nice, the atmosphere is relaxing; which is hard when getting a brazilian done! Very clean, professional, and the results are great!”

“I absolutely love Mitchell’s, it is well worth the price and you can trust the staff with your hair, skin, nails, etc. Every time I come I get exceptional service and a great look!”

“I absolutely love Mitchell’s! They have always been so kind to me. Thanks a lot guys.”

“Mitchell’s makes you feel at home!”

“I have tried every acne product over the counter that “supposively” guarantees results. Mitchell’s acne line is the best out there by far, I have used this product for over a year now and will never try anything else. The price is up there but when I say I have not had a pimple since using this product I am not lying. I need this product in my life like I need air. There are other products out there that when you stop using it for a couple of days you then start to break out. This product is not that way, you can skip a couple of days and not have a reaction. You read about the ways to clearer skin is having to change your diet or increase your intake of water and I have found that is not true. I’m a nurse and also in school so I’m constantly not eating the right things so its all in the product, THIS product.”

“Since I found Marie at West Chester, she has done a massage for me on almost a monthly basis and her work is phenomenal!! It has helped me create a balance with issues that I have not found could be resolved with physical therapy or other options. She has JUST the right massage methods to reduce my complaints. My recommendation is a 10+!!”

“Toured the spa yesterday and felt relaxed the minute I was through the door. Have to try the water treatments with the other great services. Who doesn’t need some pampering!”

“I used to get massages from them when my back would hurt from riding or when I took a bad fall. I always loved how massages made my back feel new again and relaxed so I could get back on a horse ;)”

“I have a pinched nerve and each time I get a massage at Mitchell’s I walk out feeling like a new woman. It’s awesome and makes me feel great for a few weeks.”

“The last time I was at Mitchell’s was while I was 7 months pregnant with my youngest son (who is now 6). It was the best pedicure ever!!! I sure could use another one! I don’t get to pamper myself often…”

“Love Mitchell’s Salon!! Every year I host a Girls’ Weekend for my sisters-in-law and my nieces. The scheduling department always manages
to make sure we all get the manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials with the techs we like at the times we want!! Thanks, Mitchell’s!!”

“Before my wedding in 2009 I got a mani-pedi from Mitchell’s. My hands and feet looked and felt great and it was such a wonderfully relaxing evening I felt rejuvenated and ready for one of the best days of my life! Now that I’ve just had my daughter I could use some relaxation again!!!”

“The staff MADE my birthday this year – I had the best massage of my life, topped off by a mani-pedi that had me dancing my way home.”

“They make me feel relaxed after stressing because I have 2 teenage boys! Enough said about that!! :)”

“I had not had my hair done in months and I desperately needed a manicure. They made me feel important the moment I walked in their doors and beautiful the moment I walked out their doors. Thank you to your staff! :)”

“Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa is a slice of heaven. The angels there perform little miracles to make you feel relaxed and pretty. My favorite treatment is the euphoria facial which focuses not only on my face, but has mini treats like a hand wax wrap and a foot massage. Aaaah…..heavenly!”

“My birthday and Mothers Day are 9 days apart so I usually get a combined gift from my hubby. I do not usually do much to pamper myself so he gets me a mani/pedi gift card for Mitchell’s! What a great way to start out the summer :-)”

“My Daughter, Laura, treated me to my first facial. Kennedy did a fantastic job. She has absolutely the greatest hands! Will look forward to my next one!”

“My friends planned a bachelorette spa day at Mitchell’s for my June wedding. We enjoyed our manis, pedis, and massages! Your staff was wonderful–very helpful and friendly! I would highly recommend Mitchell’s to any bride!”

“I had never been to Mitchell’s before, but I had heard a lot about it. My mother who has been decided to take me. I’m fifteen and you know how a clear complexion is something everyone wants, and at this age it can be harder to maintain. It was perfect timing for my mom to take me because my acne was starting to “flare up” so to say. When I was there, not only was it extremely relaxing and stress relieving, but my face I could just feel it becoming cleaner. My pores are smaller giving it a clearer look and she unclogged my pores. In my complexion I can tell a MAJOR difference after this. I loved the lady who did my facial, she was super nice and answered any of my questions.

Thanks again Mitchell’s!! :)”

“I just wanted to say your masseuse Irma is simply the best! Well, I haven’t tried the other ones yet LOL but I just had my first maternity massage in the U.S. and it was with Irma. I feel great! I’m from Brazil, and I’m on vacation, spending a few days in the U.S. with my husband’s family. I’m used to really good massage in Brazil, but today Irma was phenomenal!!! Seriously! I think that massage is necessary for people’s well being, mostly women, because we all need to drain the unnecessary water out of our body to have more energy and feel better to take care of our families and work. Well, thank you Irma! You have an appointment with me on my next trip to the U.S, at Mitchell’s! hehe”

“I was so pleased with my visit last night. I have been very stressed lately and that seemed to cure all of my problems. For the first time in my life, my mind was totally clear. Your Esthetician was so nice. She did such a great job. My skin looks so healthy and renewed. I will be back on a monthly basis.”

“I have not been there before, and now that I have seen that they have treatments for acne, I would love to pay all the money, because no other products I have tried … worked … I am hoping they can treat back acne as well.”