Focus on Excellence

“Measure success, not by where you are today…

“Measure success, not by where you are today, but by where you aspire to be tomorrow… always look ahead to see the possibilities.” This has always been Mitchell’s philosophy. For once you believe you have achieved all you need to know, you will stop growing.

Mitchell’s reputation was built on not only the excellent skills of its staff, but on their artistic intuition as well. Through Mitchell’s intensive training and continuing education, designers are given the structure needed to implement technique as a tool, rather than to see it as an end. It frees them to use their eye and insight to truly create breathtakingly beautiful shapes and looks that bring out your best features.

Mitchell’s training and philosophical outlook are imbued in the stylist before they ever step onto the salon floor. When they do finally begin as a working stylist, they have developed the confidence and the intuition to create style, rather than to mimic it. To lead, rather than to follow. This sense of confidence and insight is true of our spa staff as well.

Creating beauty is an art. And true art is derived out of passion. Mitchell’s passion for our craft has never been stronger. It is our commitment to you. To expect only superior results. To anticipate only the most relaxing and rewarding experience. To enjoy the possibilities.