Top Hairstyles Of 2020: The Year’s Biggest Cut, Style, And Color Trends

2020 was a noteworthy year for unique hairstyles. The most popular creative cuts, colors, and styles are incredibly diverse. A mix of longtime classics and newer trends were among the top hairstyles featured in magazines and sported by women everywhere.

In the new year, the top hairstyles of 2020 are still going strong. Below you’ll find ten cuts, styles, and colors that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. We’ve also included quick tips for choosing the hairstyle that will suit you best. 

Top Hair Trends Of 2020: The Trendiest Short Hairstyles 

1. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles were a leading hair trend in 2020. This short look is an uneven bob where one side is longer than the other. The shorter side is typically chin length, but you can customize the style to suit your preferences.

This hairdo is a great spin on the classic bob and often has a sleek, smooth finish. Heat styling tools and hair products make it easy to experiment with tousled and edgy looks, too. The asymmetrical bob is suitable for curly, wavy, and straight hair. 

Style Tip: The asymmetrical bob cut is versatile and highly customizable. Tell your stylist what look you’d like to achieve. During the styling process, they can show you how to easily restyle your hair at home. 

2. Baby Bangs/Micro-Fringe

Baby bangs – AKA micro bangs, cropped bangs, mini-fringe, etc. – are an edgy and fun look. These bangs are very short, blunt, and typically cut straight across. Some variations add a touch of texture and layering to the bangs. 

While they can be paired with longer hairstyles, baby bangs are often paired with short haircuts. This combination was often sported in 2020. Some examples include:

  • Fashionable mullets.
  • Ultra-short pixie cuts.
  • Cropped bob styles.

You’ll need to get regular bang trims to maintain the short length, but a quick salon visit makes upkeep a breeze.

Style Tip: Baby bangs are often considered less suitable for round and heart-shaped faces.  Fortunately, stylists can customize the look to suit you. Ask for your stylist’s opinion to get ideal results.

3. Full & Partial Buzz Cuts

A buzz cut is more than just a uniform, closely cropped hairdo with no flair. In 2020, many celebrities were spotted with variations of buzz cuts. Full and partial buzz cut styles look edgy yet polished and range from casual to glamorous. Designs include: 

  • The pompadour with buzzed sides. 
  • The platinum-dyed buzz. 
  • The faded/gradual buzz. 
  • The bob cut with a buzzed side.
  • The mohawk buzz.

With so many trendy buzzed hairdos, there’s surely something to suit your taste. You can go all out shaved or keep it subtle with a partial buzz. It’s totally up to you. 

Style Tip: Some buzz cuts require more upkeep than others. Your stylist will tell you how often you need to visit the salon for a professional touch up.

4. Non-Traditional Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts first became popular in the 1950s and were trendy in the late 70s, 80s, and mid-90s. The original pixie hairstyle was polished and simple, and the length usually sat right above the ears. 

The style has evolved over time and has become more diverse and inclusive to all hair types. Some of 2020’s pixie cut trends include:

  • Tousled, longer pixie cuts with side-swept bangs.
  • Ultra-short pixie cuts with blunt ends.
  • Pixie cuts with shaved sides.
  • Asymmetrical pixie cuts. 
  • S-wave vintage pixie cuts. 

Style Tip: The pixie cut that best suits you depends on factors such as your hair’s thickness, texture, and waviness. Your stylist can help you determine which pixie trend is most flattering for you.

Top Hair Trends Of 2020: The Trendiest Medium/Long Hairstyles

5. Lob Styles

Lob – AKA long bob – is a bob hairstyle that’s ideal for medium to long hair. This cut sits just above the shoulders or at shoulder level. There are several variations of the style that were very popular in 2020. Some of the lob trends include the:

  • Sleek lob.
  • Layered lob. 
  • Side-swept lob.
  • Lob with fringe bangs.
  • Wavy/curly lob.
  • Shaggy lob. 

Lob haircuts are often combined with highlights/colors that add dimension to your hair. This versatile hair trend is suitable for anyone and everyone. 

Style Tip: Some lob hairstyles require more daily maintenance than others. Your stylist can recommend low-maintenance options or styling tips. 

6. Invisible Layers

Invisible layers are a great way to subtly change medium-to-long hair without removing length. This technique discreetly blends layers into your hair versus focusing on the top layer of hair. The end result is enhanced volume and texture. 

The layers are soft and seamless, so the haircut looks very natural. Invisible layers are best suited for wavy hair, though they’re also compatible with straight hair. 

Style Tip: If you want to naturally enhance your cheekbones, ask your stylist to add slight layering around your face. 

7. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs – as the name suggests – frame your face on both sides. The bangs are cut shorter on the inside and gradually get longer as the bangs flow further away from the face. They’re one of the most effortless bang styles. 

These bangs were first popular in the 1960s and 1970s and were seen on actresses Bridgette Bardot and Farrah Fawcett. They are now incorporated into modern medium-to-long hairstyles such as:

  • Curly shags.
  • High ponytails.
  • Polished updos.
  • Silky blowouts. 

Curtain bangs are not only versatile; they’re also low-maintenance. Since they flow into your hair naturally, you can style them any way you choose.

Style Tip: Longer curtain bangs can make your face look more narrow, and shorter curtain bangs can define cheekbones. Ask your stylist to find a length that flatters your facial structure. 

Top Hair Trends Of 2020: The Trendiest Hair Colors

8. Cool Tones

Cool tones were a major hit in 2020, and the trend continues into the new year. These understated yet eye-catching colors are extremely diverse. There are dozens of cool-toned hair dye options. Some of last year’s popular picks include:

  • Silver-white platinum blonde. 
  • Light to medium ash blonde.
  • Light to medium ash brown.
  • Cool blue-black. 
  • Light to medium burgundy. 
  • Pastel hues. 

Natural-looking and eye-catching colors all fall under the cool tone range. You have a lot of flexibility with this top hair trend. 

Style Tip: Figure out your skin’s undertone in order to pick the most flattering tones. If you have questions about undertones, ask your stylist for their expert opinion. 

9. Color Contrast

Color contrast hairstyles are bold, fun, and stylish. This diverse hairstyle can be created with permanent dyes and vivid temporary colors alike. A few examples of color contrast trends include:

  • Two-toned hair. 
  • Dip-dyed ends. 
  • Peekaboo highlights. 
  • Bold-colored ombres/balayage. 

Your options are endless when it comes to color contrasting. Some of the color designs above are on the subtle and chic side, and others are very edgy and fashion-forward. 

Style Tip: Some color contrast designs require more maintenance and upkeep than others. Consult with your stylist to choose an option that suits your preferences. 

10. Warm Highlights

Warm highlights are a timeless trend, and they were a go-to color choice in 2020. Warm-toned highlights are suitable for blondes and brunettes alike. When considering warm highlight colors, look for names with keywords like:

  • Golden
  • Honey 
  • Caramel.
  • Chestnut. 

This versatile color trend may also incorporate lowlights. The process depends on your current hair color. If you want a major change, you can even pair warm highlights with an all-over permanent color. 

Style Tip: If you’re not sure which highlights are right for you, your stylist can show you swatches and help you determine the best fit.

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