How to Find a Good Hair Salon

Looking for a new hair salon is never easy, especially if you’re picky about your hair. Where should you begin searching? Should you ask around? Take to Google? How do you know the stylist you choose will be able to stick to your normal style? After all, you never want to regret your time at the salon. What if you’re forced to endure a horrible cut for a few weeks until your hair grows out to try again? These fears are natural and finding a stylist can be difficult, but the following advice should help.

These are the tips we encourage all our customers to adhere to just to show them how good they have it by choosing our stylists at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Do Your Research 

Your search for a hair salon should begin with the service you want. If a haircut and finished design is what you’re looking for, start there. Call up friends and family and ask if they know any stylists who specialize in the look you want. Google is another good source, as are Yelp and Facebook.

Pay Attention to the Hair Salon Reviews

Whether you get a recommendation from a friend or you read a Google or Facebook review, analyze every word that is used by that person. Why did they find the stylist to be good? What did they like about their hair style, cut, or color? Questions like these can help you identify the qualities your ideal stylist would have. 

If you see a few negative reviews, don’t discount them outright. Read through them to discern what element caused the salon client to be unhappy. Was the stylist late (we all have our off days)? Was the hairstyle not what the person was looking for (maybe the client had unrealistic expectations)? Or were the prices too high (maybe the reviewer couldn’t afford that particular salon)? Sometimes negative reviews can be turned around by a mention from the salon owner.

That being said, keep an eye out for every time the salon responds to the reviews in question. Regular responses show that the salon is invested in customer outreach and cares about the satisfaction of its customers. These are all qualities you’ll want in the ideal stylist and salon.

Search on Social Media 

Many stylists like to put up images of their latest works of art for all their friends to view. If you see the style you want on a particular stylist’s Instagram page, for example, you might want to put that stylist on your shortlist. 

Keep in mind that images can be manipulated. Just because the hairstyle or hair color you see on Facebook looks perfect on the model depicted doesn’t mean it will turn out that way in real life, or that the stylist can make that style look good on you. Use images as a guide to help you identify which stylists have the technical skills you’re seeking. 

Schedule a Consultation 

A short meeting with your stylist is key to beginning the client-stylist relationship. A short fifteen-minute meeting can help you get to know the stylist and how they like to work. You’ll know by the end of the appointment if the stylist is a good fit. If you’re particular about your hair, this sit-down interview is key to ensuring you get the satisfaction you’re paying hard-earned money for. If you are satisfied with the stylist after the meeting, you can book an appointment feeling confident you found the right person.

Never feel pressured that you have to choose that stylist after the meeting if you feel something is off. Here are some added tips to help you further discern if a stylist is right for you during your typical consultation. 

Bring Photos 

Many salon clients bring celebrity or social media photos to their consultations, which is an excellent idea. Images make more of an impact than mere words when describing the look and style you expect. Although, you may find that the stylist recommends a different style entirely based on your face shape and hair type. Your stylist can bring their expertise to the table, which is also what you pay for. Be open-minded and don’t be deterred by a stylist just because they recommend against the style you have in mind.

Trust Your Gut

At the end of the day, only you can decide if a particular stylist is for you. Even if the professional agrees to the style/color you want, and can book you right away, you may not feel comfortable trusting your hair to this person. There are many stylists you can choose from. There are even other stylists at the same salon. Voice your concerns to the salon manager and book a consultation with another professional or choose a different salon if you’ll feel more comfortable. You’re looking for a regular stylist and should want to find someone you feel comfortable with so you can relax in the salon chair come your appointment time. 

Ask the Right Questions

During the consultation, feel free to ask the stylist about their qualifications, the training they’ve received, and about any continuing education they’ve engaged in. Ask about the type of style you want, and their experience with performing that particular style/color. Lastly, you might ask the stylist for photo evidence that they have performed your style in the past. Many stylists may bring up the style you want on their phones to show you face-to-face that they’re the professional for you.


You now have several methods of finding the ideal hair salon. By asking family and friends, searching online, and engaging in a sit-down consultation with a stylist near you, you’re bound to be successful with your search. If you’re searching for a well-qualified, technically proficient, and current stylist, you can never go wrong by choosing Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. All of our stylists are creative, honest, confident in their abilities, and able to adapt to the needs of any client. Call us to schedule at any of our four locations in Kenwood, Hyde Park, Tri-County, and West Chester, and let’s begin a client-stylist relationship – (513)793-0900.