The Best Hair Salon Services: How To Choose The Right Service For Your Style Needs

Hair salon services are an excellent investment for achieving your ideal hairstyle. Do-it-yourself haircuts and coloring can be risky and difficult. You can rely on salon services for great results.

Choosing the right salon services can be confusing. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones suit your personal needs. Use the guide below to learn about the finest hair salon services and what they entail. 

Best Haircut Services: Tips For Choosing The Right Service

Basic Haircut

As the name suggests, a basic haircut consists of a stylist shortening the length of your hair. Your hair is shampooed and conditioned as well. 

Whether you want a trim or several inches, your stylist will work with your preferences. In addition to enhancing your hairstyle, there are proven health benefits of getting a haircut.

Best For: Reducing your hair length without adding any additional salon services. It’s a no-frills option that’s a good starting point for anyone. A basic haircut is also ideal for maintaining your hair’s health.

Haircut WIth Finished Design

A haircut and design go beyond what you get with a basic haircut. Before cutting your hair, your stylist will discuss your design and style preferences with you. Next, you’ll receive the standard shampoo, conditioning, and haircut.

Your stylist will then style your hair according to your wishes. This process often includes heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and blowdryers for smooth and chic results. Hair products will be used to ensure you leave polished with lasting results. Your stylist will use design methods that are easy for you to recreate at home.

Best For: Expert styling for your newly cut hair that you can duplicate using everyday hair products and tools. This service is beneficial if you’ve opted for a major hair design change. 

Bang/Beard Trim

If your bangs or facial hair are getting shaggy, you may be tempted to trim your hair at home. Unfortunately, trimming your bangs is not as easy as it seems. Trimming your beard may be more doable, but you can get expert results at a salon.

A bang/beard trim is a simple hair salon service that refreshes your look. Your stylist will use salon tools to shape up your bangs and beard. This small change removes split ends, uneven length, and enhances your overall look. 

Best For: Quick and professional grooming of your bangs or facial hair. 

Best Hair Coloring Services: Tips For Choosing The Right Service


Highlighting is a coloring service that adds color dimension to your hair. This service enhances your natural color and complements your hairstyle. 

Highlights are painted onto your hair using expert techniques, and foil is used to cover the dyed sections as they process. Highlighting covers a broad variety of coloring techniques including:

  • Balayage.
  • Lowlights.
  • Ombre. 

You can also choose from full or partial foil highlights. With so many coloring techniques and options, your hair designer can help you choose which one will suit you. 

Best For: Accentuating your hair without drastically changing your hair color. 

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color is designed to last six to eight weeks. You can lighten or darken your hair by choosing from a wide variety of natural-looking hair color options. This service deposits color into the hair shaft using oxidation. This produces colors that are designed to last.

Dyeing your hair at home is often risky. The color pictured on a box of hair dye isn’t always the end result you get. Stylists use salon-quality hair dye to help reduce damage and ensure you get the exact hue you desire. 

Best For: Changing your hair to a noticeably different color and achieving long-lasting results. This service can be combined with highlighting services for a drastic change. 

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair color is a temporary hair gloss that creates a subtle change in hue. Unlike permanent hair color, it doesn’t contain chemicals or change your hair’s structure. This service is often used to enhance natural color or hide grey hair. 

Semi-permanent color is designed to last about three weeks. The color fades each time you wash your hair. Ask your stylist for maintenance tips to achieve a terrific outcome. 

Best For: A slight, short-term change in color that does not damage your hair. Semi-permanent hair color is ideal for boosting shine, too.


Blonding consists of bleaching your hair and lightening it significantly. The end result is shiny and healthy-looking platinum blonde hair. Your stylist will use salon-approved bleaching products and application techniques. 

The results are much different than what you’ll get from an at-home bleaching kit. Without proper training and high-quality bleach ingredients, you can significantly damage your hair and end up with a bright yellow-orange hue. 

Best For: Drastically lightening your hair color using expert techniques from an experienced stylist. The end product is shiny, glamorous blonde hair that can only be achieved in a salon setting.

Color Correction

Did you experiment with DIY hair color at home? If you’re unhappy with the end product, you certainly aren’t alone. Many people try to achieve a specific look on their own, but it often ends in a hair disaster.

Color correction services are designed to remedy do-it-yourself dye jobs. You’ll begin with a stylist consultation to discuss what dyes you’ve used and what your desired goal was. From there, your stylist will provide you with options for achieving a desirable hair color. 

Best For: Professionally and safely correcting an at-home dye job gone wrong. Depending on your situation, you can choose from different stylist-approved correction services. 

Best Conditioning Treatment Services: Tips For Choosing The Right Service


If your hair feels a bit dull or dry, a salon conditioning treatment is a simple yet effective remedy. Your stylist will apply a premium hair conditioner that deeply nourishes your hair. The end result is shiny, healthier-looking hair.

Best For: Deep conditioning dry hair to help boost moisture, shine, and strength. This simple treatment can be performed on a regular basis to maintain hair health. 


Olaplex is a patented hair treatment that restores broken hair bonds. Hair bonds are broken and damaged through:

  • Heat styling tools (flat irons, blow dryers, etc.)
  • Hair coloring and bleaching.
  • Hair chemical treatments (perms, relaxers, etc.)
  • UV exposure and extreme weather conditions. 

The benefits of Olaplex are well-documented, and the treatment is a salon-only service. It’s designed for all hair types and produces visible results.

Best For: Repairing severely damaged hair and maintaining your hair’s health during salon coloring and bleaching services. 

Scalp Renewal

Scalp renewal treatment is often referred to as a scalp facial because it removes buildup and impurities. The treatment uses natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that are ideal for your scalp’s delicate skin. 

Buildup frequently leads to itchiness and can prevent hair growth by clogging hair follicles. There are many causes of scalp irritation and buildup. Some examples include: 

  • Using hair products.
  • Improper shampooing/rinsing.
  • Oil and dirt accumulation.
  • Environmental toxins and factors.

Best For: Soothing a dry/itchy scalp, safely removing buildup, and promoting new hair growth. Getting scalp renewal treatments on a regular basis produces the most desirable results. 

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