Hair Blowout Tips for Making Your Blowouts Stand Out & Last

There is nothing like a blowout treatment when treating yourself becomes the aim of the day. Sure, you could schedule a full-day spa getaway, but if you’re pressed for time and on a budget, a blowout is the ultimate treat. 

For 45-minutes (ideal for a lunch break retreat!), you could be experiencing a head massage from a skilled hairstylist. Then comes the waves of warm air that cascade across every inch of your scalp and hair. By the time you leave the salon, you feel fully relaxed and oh-so-confident. 

But what if you don’t want the average blowout treatment? What if you want the tricks of the trade to getting the most out of your time at the salon? What are the tips to getting a blowout to remember?

Ask and you shall receive. Here are a few pieces of advice to remember the next time you have an hour to spare and want that post-blowout feeling you can only get at a luxury salon. 

How to Get the Ultimate and Longest-Lasting Blowout

A blowout is a hair care treatment offered at high-end salons that is designed to give you voluminous and glossy hair. You can also add soft curls or keep your hair straight. That is what’s so great about blowouts; they are so versatile!

When you arrive for your blowout treatment, you should expect a hair wash, blow dry, and touch-ups with a flat or curling iron, which are the basics of traditional blowout service. 

At salons like Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can opt for a Keratin treatment, which promises a smooth blowout for any style and texture of hair.

Keratin is a protective protein. It’s also what your nails, skin, and hair are made of. Keratin treatments involve using the substance in quality products to smooth and soften the hair while minimizing frizz. Keratin blowouts are so popular because the smoothness and anti-frizz properties can last up to three months following your appointment, or longer, depending on how often you wash your hair.

Here are other tips you can mention at your next appointment. 

Ask for the Best Product

You want your blowout to last as long as possible. Make sure your stylist knows your aim, as he or she can recommend the best products that produce the longest lasting results. 

Keep Your Hair Dry

Be careful not to get your blowout wet or even damp. Going to the gym and dipping into the sauna for thirty-minutes might not be the best idea. Protect your hair from the rain while you’re at it, and avoid humidity by staying inside, where the air-conditioning is cool.

Sleep Pretty 

Some salon customers ask about the best ways to sleep comfortably after a blowout treatment. How do you keep from craning your neck all night while keeping your blowout from going flat? If your hair is long, try investing in a silk or satin scrunchie. You can tie your hair into a loose bun or ponytail while sleeping. Then, come morning, you won’t have bedhead, and your blowout hairstyle will be saved.

While you’re at it, get a satin or silk pillow. Tying your hair up will do little good if your hair gets snagged on a scratchy pillow. Invest in a good pillow to preserve your hair blowout. 

Avoid Using Products That Day

Your blowout stylist used a special combination of products to make your hairstyle look just right. Using more product after the appointment may skew your results, making you regret that last spritz of hairspray.

Use Dry Shampoo

Sometimes after a blowout treatment, your hair can tend to get a bit greasy near the roots. Simply apply a dab or two of dry shampoo to your fingertips. At Mitchell’s, we use and recommend the aerosol type of dry shampoo, which is much more user-friendly. Spray and rub the shampoo into your roots to get rid of that awful sheen. 

Don’t Overdo the Product 

The day after your blowout treatment, you can begin applying product to make your hairstyle last. Do not use too much, however. An excessive amount of hairspray and other hair care products can mix with your natural oils, leading to greasy buildup. 

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

Another way to avoid oily hair is to wash your hair every other day, at most. If you find that you have been using too much product, you may benefit from the occasional double wash. Ask your blowout stylist for tips regarding your type and texture of hair. 

Curls to Add Volume

A few days after your blowout, your hair may begin to look a little flat. When this happens, use a large-barrel curling iron to give your hair volume. With the right technique, you’ll look like you just stepped out of the blowout stylist’s chair.

Repeat Often 

Of course, the best way to preserve your blowout treatment is to schedule as often as is necessary. Only you know how long your hair tends to keep. By using the best products, and practicing the most conservative maintenance habits, your hair could keep for up to five days or more. 

Schedule Whenever You Need Pampering 

You don’t need a special occasion to schedule an appointment for a blowout treatment. Sure, a blowout is perfect for a date, anniversary, wedding, photoshoot, or holiday gathering, but it’s also a terrific gesture of self-love. 

Blowouts Train Your Hair 

When you first start getting blowouts, your hair doesn’t want to comply with the stylist’s techniques. This requires more product to be applied to achieve the intended effect. Over time, and by scheduling more blowout treatments, you will train your hair to do what you want. Your hair will begin to adapt to the shape and style you prefer, making it last even longer between appointments. 

Don’t believe the myth that scheduling too many blowouts can damage your hair. Blowout hair stylists are professionally trained to make sure your hair remains damage-free during and after your appointments. A hair dryer doesn’t get as hot as some styling tools, such as curling irons and flat irons. The lack of high heat decreases the risk of heat damage. When coupled with professional hair styling products, you can be confident that your blowout will leave your hair protected and frizz-free, no matter how often you schedule.

Fight the Frizz

If you are worried about frizz ruining your day, make sure you carry a pomade or hairspray with you at all times. A travel-sized container of product can save the day. You can further fight frizz by making sure your hair is dry, smooth, and completely sealed with product before walking out the door.

Style Away Flyaways 

Flyaway hairs are the ones that frame the face. These baby hairs can fly around your face and become very annoying. You can stop these hairs by rough drying the roots where the flyaways occur. This lets the hair settle down so that you can begin styling your hair with a brush.

Use the Right Brush

Your blowout stylist will tell you that the best brush for blow drying your hair is a boar bristle or ceramic round brush. The longer your hair, the larger the brush you should be using. A bigger brush will also produce a straighter result, while a smaller brush leads to tighter curls.

Shower Safely with Your Blowout 

You don’t have to skip taking showers following your blowout treatment. If you have fine hair, moisture may cause your hair to fall flat. If your hair is full, moisture can cause your hair to frizz. You can protect your blowout with either type of hair by wearing a shower cap lined with terry cloth before stepping into the shower. The cap will keep your blowout looking voluminous and smooth while you bathe.

You Don’t Have to Skip the Gym

Going to the gym the day of your blowout may not be the best way to keep your hairstyle, but you don’t have to avoid working out entirely. You can protect your hair from perspiration by slipping an absorbent cloth headband over your hair before your workouts. The binding will keep those delicate baby hairs around your hairline from becoming frizzy, and you will be able to sweat with abandon during your next workout. 

Boost Your Blowout with a Blow Dryer 

Is your blowout treatment falling after day three or four? You can help your hair style retain its lost shape by grabbing a round brush and hair dryer to do some maintenance work. Go through your dry hair section by section. The heat from the dryer will restore the shape of your hair while simultaneously erasing defects like creases and bumps.

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