“I had been to Mitchell’s for a massage years ago while living in West Chester and knew that was where I wanted to go for my wedding. It was better than I had expected. Everyone I worked with was nice and seemed to really care about my family, friends and I and that’s really important to me. They really focused on my concerns and gave me a lot of advice since I really didn’t know what I wanted. I trusted them completely. Also, fabulous choice on the make-up used. I must say, it did mist on us during our outdoor ceremony and the fountain (at Union Terminal) got us wet as well. My husband said that my make-up didn’t mess up at all and that the water just simply repelled it until I dabbed it off. I was shocked that it survived the water. Then I had cheesecake smeared all over my face during our wedding cake cutting and it still survived. I’m so thankful. I can’t express my gratitude enough.”

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