How to Become a Hairstylist in 4 Steps

Are you feeling a little lost or unfulfilled in your current job? 

Have you wanted to switch careers to finally love what you do, but you’re not sure how? 

Too many people will wind up working a job they hate, 40 hours a week, for the rest of their lives. This doesn’t have to be you. If you love going to the salon or have always had a knack for hair, becoming a hairstylist could be the perfect job for you. 

Becoming a hairstylist has the potential to serve you in more ways than your typical 9-5 ever could. You will get to meet different men and women everyday and help them to feel great about themselves. 

Build a list of loyal clients and you will have yourself a fully functioning dream-job. Read on to learn the 4 steps you will need to follow to begin your hairstylist career in Ohio.

Step 1: Choose a Board-Approved Cosmetology School in Ohio 

Becoming a cosmetologist, or a hairstylist if you will, does not come without effort. You will be required to finance and graduate from an approved cosmetology program before you will be able to move forward in establishing your career. 

In Ohio, there is a regulatory board for cosmetology that is in place to set and enforce standards for beauty service providers throughout the state. This board is called the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board and will be a trusted resource along your journey. To ensure that you have the proper education, this board will require that you graduate from a recognized institution before you will be able to obtain a cosmetology license.

Your cosmetology program will be at least 1500 hours and you will gain a wealth of knowledge ranging from nail care to salon operations. While this curriculum will fully prepare you to become a hairstylist, there is an optional program in Ohio to become a Hair Designer. This program will be at least 1200 hours. 

Step 2: Pass the Ohio Licensing Exam 

Once you have completed your hair designer or cosmetology program, you will be required to register for an exam to test your knowledge. Without doing this and obtaining the proper licensing, you will not legally be allowed to practice your trade in Ohio. 

You will need to be able to provide a valid form of ID upon entry to your exam and an exam fee of $31.50 will be required. Exam fees are non-refundable and a rescheduling fee of $45 will be applied if you miss your exam date for any reason. 

Pay careful attention to the rules for the exam. There will be no phones, smartwatches, or student communication at any time. There will also be a dress code and you will be required to bring a list of general supplies to complete the exam. For the Hair Designer Practical exam, you will complete a series of applications on a mannequin.

Step 3: Obtain Your Ohio Hair Designer License  

After you have passed the necessary exams, you will be able to purchase your Ohio hair designer license! This license will permit you to work in a salon and offer services in your industry. Depending on the nature of your education and what services you’re prepared to offer, you may have several licensing fees.  

It’s important to note that once you obtain the proper licensing, you will be required to renew your license every 2 years. This renewal will come with renewal fees and continuing education requirements to ensure you’re up to date in the cosmetology field. Pay close attention to the calendar and avoid renewing your license after January 31 of every odd year or you could be subject to additional fees. 

Step 4: Take Your Hard Work to the Salon 

Once you’re fully trained and licensed, you’re ready to begin working in a salon and start growing your client base! By showing up every day with a passion for beauty and a desire to serve each client, you’re sure to build a business that you love. 

Choosing a salon may be one of the harder choices you’ve been faced with to this point – aside from choosing to change careers, that is. Taking the time to choose the perfect salon for you will highly contribute to your contentment in the workplace.

Make sure you’re clear on the salon’s policies and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think of! Just as it’s important that the salon be a good fit for you, you should be a good fit for the salon. A harmonious work environment that is true to who you are will help to ensure a successful career. . 

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