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What Services to Choose & How to Save with Your Next Spa Party Gathering!

Planning a spa party can be tons of fun. It’s almost as fun as being pampered, which comes later, after you’ve put your event and guest list together. If you have a good idea of who you’d like to invite to your party, planning the event becomes much easier. You might already know the services your guests might enjoy most, such as therapeutic massages, hair care treatments, and manicures, for example. 

You can save time in planning your party by working with a Spa Events Manager. This person’s job is to help you learn more about the services on offer so that you can plan the perfect event from beginning to end. The manager will also take the pressure off you, the party planner, by keeping the event on track from beginning to end. 

What to Expect When Working with an Events Manager

When you call your spa of choice, ask to speak to the Events Manager and inquire about a spa party. It would be best if you had a time and date already prepared. You might want to keep your options open just in case the spa happens to be all booked up. 

The Spa Events Manager will ask about the party you have in mind. If there is a theme, how many guests you have, and the amenities your guests will most enjoy. Here are a few services that are commonly found at many spa party gatherings. 

Meeting and Dining Rooms

When you think of a spa, you might think of a building with a series of private rooms. But some spas are big places that include meeting rooms and even dining areas for up to 50 guests or more. Some even have catering. You just have to ask yourself, how elaborate do you want your spa party to be?


Massage services offer the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Your guests will have the privilege of being worked on by an expert masseuse, helping them rid themselves of sore muscles and joints, as all their stress melts away.


While some guests are getting massages, others can be getting manicures. By the end of the event, your guests will have stronger and more attractive nails, as well as smoother, gentler hands. 


You can’t treat the hands without giving the feet the attention they deserve. Your guests can take advantage of a premium pedicure complete with a foot massage and cuticle treatment, as well as a coat of whatever color of polish they prefer. 

Facials and Peels

Spa facials and peels eliminate dead skin while refreshing the skin to the deepest of layers. Your guests will leave with clearer, more refined skin, helping them look their best. 

Body Treatments

Using specialized ingredients such as sea salt and seaweed wraps, body treatments flush out toxins and can even help you lose inches. Some body treatments also include tanning or airbrush tanning for an enhanced beautifying effect. 

Hair Services 

Your guests might enjoy a cut and shampoo or hair design services by expert stylists. They may choose to have their hair colored or opt for a keratin treatment to lock in nutrients and moisture. Spa party hair services give your party goers the chance to try something new. Or, if they prefer, they can also go with the old tried and true. 

Combine Salon & Spa Treatments 

The Spa Events Manager is likely to tell you about one or more spa party packages. These allow you to book the salon and spa amenities you want for a single low price. You might choose a makeover that comes with an anti-aging facial, conditioning hair treatment, and a master haircut complete with finished design. Some makeover spa packages come with makeup application services added on for an all-around transformation. 

You may find that there are packages for men and women. Men’s spa packages often contain a men’s haircut, finished design, a full-body therapeutic massage, and a men’s manicure. You can also find packages for moms-to-be that include a maternity massage complete with a signature whirlpool pedicure. 

How to Save When Booking Your Spa Party

When working with your Spa Events Manager, ask about the package prices and if there is any way you can keep your costs manageable. You may find that there are coupons and special offers available. However, some spas don’t let you include coupons or offers along with their special package prices. However, the packages themselves can help you save immensely when you consider how much the party would cost if you were to book all of your spa treatments individually. 

Ready to Book Your Spa Party? Book Today in Cincinnati, Ohio 

For over thirty-five years, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa has been providing the greater Cincinnati area with premium salon and spa services. We invite you to book your next spa party with us. Our Spa Events Manager will help you book your party step-by-step. Learn about the amenities we offer and ways to save on your favorite treatments like hot stone massages and peptide anti-aging treatments with derma sound

You can learn more by calling us at one of our four area locations. We are located in Hyde Park, Kenwood, West Chester, and Tri-County. Get started by speaking with our Spa and Bridal Events Manager by calling (513)793.0900.