The Perfect Day

A Massage at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa

By: Alecia Ward

I received a gift card to Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa from my in-laws for Christmas. Now, normally I dye and cut my own hair and rarely take time out for myself so this was their way of saying, “Let someone take care of you, for once.” And that’s exactly what I did.

I scheduled my appointment two weeks out and chose to go to the Tri-County location on Princeton Pike near the Tri-County Mall. I elected for the longest massage they offered: the 90 minute package. Man, oh, man! I couldn’t wait for the chance to have a professional masseuse work out the kinks I put there training for a marathon, working hunched over a desk, and living with scoliosis. To say I was looking forward to this would be an understatement.

I arrived at the appointment a few minutes early, and I was greeted by the receptionist who whisked me away to a room for those waiting for their massage appointment. Just a few minutes passed when my masseuse Tammy came in. She greeted me and led me to the room where I was briefed on the services I was about to get.

A robe, foamy flip-flops and a clipboard were given to me. We discussed any trouble spots I had, any areas I wanted specific attention paid to. I discussed my sore calves from running, my tender areas along my spine from the scoliosis, and my willingness to be beaten like an old rug to relieve the tension and aches. She assured me she would use gentle yet firm pressure and check in me with as she worked to be sure I was comfortable.

I was walked to my room and given instructions to lie face down on the table. My room was clean, softly lit with the ambient spa music wafting softly in the background. I readied myself and awaited her return to start the massage.

Tammy never applied too much pressure. With each stroke I felt as if any bit of tension was being pulled from my body and tossed in with the dirty towels. The lotion used was lightly scented, not too strong so that it smelled like a homeopathic medicine cabinet. Hot towels were used on areas with tougher skin including my hands and my feet were wrapped in warm towels after she worked on them.

The massage was 90 minutes of bliss. Tammy applied firm pressure to my pressure points, releasing tension as she went along. She worked strokes that helped stimulate my lymphatic system that aides in draining your body of toxins. This was my favorite part of the massage. Firm pressure that sent tingles to other parts of my extremities. Pinch a spot in my neck and my foot tingled. The body is an amazing machine.

I felt like a puddle of goo by the time it was over. A well relaxed and loose puddle of goo. Instructed to get up slowly and take my time, I was given water and reminded to stay hydrated today. All that muscle manipulation and draining really zaps your body, so staying hydrated in important, she explained. She was super sweet, and super nice, and extremely talented. She recommended every 4 to 6 weeks doing a quick massage to keep myself limber and loose. Since I work at a computer all day long, regular massage with help with the stiffness and aches associated with working on a computer all day.

Every room was extremely clean and well kept. The overall ambiance was very relaxing, with the spa theme apparent in everything from the music to the décor. Every member of the staff was pleasant and knowledgeable to any question I asked. What sets them apart from other spas I have visited is the people. I absolutely adore Tammy as my massage therapist. Everyone I came across at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa were a treat to speak to. I came feeling tired and worn down, and I left feeling relaxed and like I truly did something for my health.