The Benefits of Finding “Microblading Near Me!”

Do you keep searching Google for “Microblading near me” to no avail? Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa has just the service you’re looking for.

If you’re conducting this particular search, you likely have eyebrows that leave much to be desired.

Eyebrows are important. Not only do they make your eyes stand out, but eyebrows protect your eyes from sweat and foreign particles. Eyebrows are also critical when it comes to unspoken communication and facial expressions.

You want brows that frame your eyes, which has led you to microblading. At Mitchell’s, we understand the distress your natural eyebrows cause you. You wish they were fuller or darker or more shapely. Whatever your preference, microblading can help you achieve your ideal look.

Now that you have found a microblading source near your location, you get to enjoy many important benefits. Let’s look at some of those now.

Access to This Amazing Eyebrow Technique

To achieve darker, fuller, and more contoured eyebrows, you are encouraged to schedule regular treatments for microblading. The technique uses tiny, fine-point needles to scratch the surface of your skin, whereby a pigment is deposited to mimic natural eyebrows.

Complete Eyebrow Transformation 

During your appointment, the technician will work carefully to draw each eyebrow hair on your skin. Unlike a tattoo which uses an automatic handheld device, microblading is done by hand. This allows the technician to wield more control over the process, giving you natural-looking results.

Throw Away Your Eyebrow Pencil

If by now you have grown used to drawing your eyebrows on, you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. You can do away with the pencil for good if you plan to get microbladed. The results can last up to a year or two.

Full Support and Aftercare

There are some restrictions you should be aware of after your microblading appointment. For example, you’ll be asked to hold off on waxing, tweezing, or threading your eyebrows. Your technician will also advise that you stay away from caffeine and alcohol since they can increase the sensitivity of the skin. You will be advised to stop taking ibuprofen, aspirin, and other blood thinners.

You’ll also be advised not to get your eyebrows wet for around ten days. There will be some mild scabbing around the treatment area as the tiny cuts heal. You will be provided with an ointment that can take care of itching during the healing process. You can wash your face and shower like normal, just take care not to disturb the eyebrow area too much. 

Once healed, you’ll wait around six to nine months to have your touch-up appointment. During this time, the ink color can change. The follow-up allows your technician to do what’s necessary to maintain the color and shape of your transformed brows.

By having your microblading source so close, you have easy access to all your follow-up appointments. You can also call and ask your technician if you ever have questions about the restrictions after your appointment or complications, should you experience them. 

At Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, we ensure your satisfaction, whether it’s your initial appointment or a follow-up six or nine months down the line. 

An Easy Appointment 

There is slight discomfort during the microblading treatment. The tiny blades are making cuts into your skin to fill with ink. The technician will use a numbing cream, which should take care of much of the pain. You may feel pressure, or the noise the treatment makes may get to you. Either way, the procedure will be over before you know it. That’s when you’ll be able to look in the mirror and see the transformation that has taken place above your beautiful eyes.

Amazing Eyebrow Effects

Many salon clients get wide-eyed at the end of their appointments. They simply cannot believe how much fuller their eyebrows appear. Your brows might appear starker in color and darker immediately following the appointment. Over the next few weeks, the color and intensity will fade so that your eyebrows look more natural with regards to shade and shape.

Luscious Eyebrows, Just How You Want Them

The biggest benefit to finally getting microblading is that you no longer have to worry about having thin or barely-there eyebrows. When your diminished brows are all that you can focus on when you look in the mirror, it can begin to affect the way you feel about yourself. Fast forward to after your first microblading treatment and you’ll be amazed at what you see staring back at you in the mirror. Your eyebrows can be shaped and colored the way you prefer. They can be just as you envisioned, as if nature gave them to you. Ready to get started? Schedule your first microblading appointment. You can reach us at any of our four Cincinnati locations in Hyde Park, West Chester, Tri-County, or Kenwood. How do you want your eyebrows to look? Let us know by calling (513)793-0900.