Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa stylist, Vivian Moore, to do hair for Armani Show

Fashion Week in Paris is the highest of high fashion. Giorgio Armani’s Privé Couture Show is the most anticipated show in Paris. The show will be seen by celebrities and the most important style editors from throughout the world. 

It is the worlds first glimpse of the fashions that will be worn to upcoming red carpet events.

It also is the show hair stylists and make up artists most want to work. This year, hair stylists from Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and, for the first time, Cincinnati will shape the hair of Armani models for the show. 

Cincinnati? Yes. Cincinnati.

Vivian Moore, Managing VP of Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, is the only local stylist chosen for the Armani, Oribe hair styling team. 

When world-renowned hair stylist Oribe put together his own team for this year’s important show, he chose Vivian Moore to work with his team.

“In the fashion world, this is our Oscar moment,” said Moore, who has worked at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa for 25 years. “I’ve worked some pretty big fashion shows, but nothing is bigger or better than Mr. Armani’s Couture Show in Paris.”

Oribe, who is the most respected stylist of his generation, recently worked with Moore at the Oribe Backstage Las Vegas stylist show this spring. Their relationship began when Moore brought one of Oribe’s top stylists to Cincinnati to educate her staff on the latest hair styles and techniques. While he was here, she enjoyed a private class of her own.

“What started out as ongoing education for our Mitchell’s stylists has turned out to be an excellent challenge for me,” said Moore. “I have always wanted to do a Paris Fashion Week. This is a dream come true.”  

“This is an enormous opportunity for me and for our staff at Mitchell’s,” said Moore. “I will be able to bring back the absolute latest in high fashion design to our stylists here. No other salon in our area will have access to this before the styles show up in fashion magazines.”

Getting to work with Oribe is a rare opportunity for any top stylist. He is responsible for helping create the iconic style of some of the most beautiful women in the world. His hairstyle designs can be seen in the most memorable photos of Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, Anne Hathaway, and countless other celebrities and supermodels.

“Oribe is the stylist who made hair fashion”. His work has inspired and influenced two generations of stylists. He is the best in the world,” said Moore. “To be chosen for his team is extremely flattering and comes with an enormous responsibility.”

The Giorgio Armani Privé Couture Show is July 7 at Place Vendôme in Paris.