Prenatal Maternity Massage – Treat Yourself, Relax & Prepare Your Body for Labor and Delivery

Pregnancy is a miraculous, natural, and transformative experience. 

Being pregnant is also hard

With your body changing, back aching, and constant mood swings, sometimes you need a little time to yourself.  

This calls for a little prenatal pampering. A maternity massage should do the trick. 

A prenatal massage is the perfect way to splurge and indulge when pregnancy is taking its toll. 

There is nothing like the skilled hands of a masseuse to relax your muscles, ease your tension, and prepare your body for the miracle of delivery. 

When you crave much-needed relaxation, book your appointment for a maternity massage. Here are some points to consider as your session approaches.  

How Does a Maternity Massage Compare to a Regular Massage?

A maternity massage holds many similarities to a regular one. Both are meant to relax tense muscles, ease soreness, and improve mobility and circulation. 

A prenatal massage does all that, as well. However, the prime focus is on nurturing your pregnant body and the baby within. That’s right! Both mother and child can benefit from a good prenatal massage. 

Is It Safe to Get a Massage When Pregnant?

Studies show that prenatal massages are safe for women having normal pregnancies with no significant complications. It is important to work with a massage therapist who is trained and certified in maternity massages. These professionals have special skills and expertise to create safe, comfortable, and nurturing sessions tailored to your needs. 

A maternity massage is not an appointment you want to book every week. A few times during your pregnancy is best. As far as the safety of the procedure – some insurance policies cover prenatal massage, and insurance providers are not in the habit of covering procedures considered unsafe. 

If you’re still on the fence, and for better peace of mind, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor or OBGYN prior to scheduling a maternity massage. 

What Qualifications Does a Therapist Need to Perform Prenatal Massages?

Therapists certified in prenatal massage have received between 24 and 32 hours of special training in the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body. They have been taught the safest massage techniques and positioning for pregnant women, as well as what precautions to take to support healthy pregnancies. The training is hands-on and includes instruction on how to meet the physical, emotional, and practical concerns that come with pregnancy.

Many massage therapy schools cover maternity massage as part of their overall curriculum. However, to earn prenatal massage certification, the therapist will need to pass a certification workshop that consists of full-day classes, held over three to four days. 

In addition to class time, therapists must pass a written or hands-on practice exam. They must also perform a specific number of prenatal massage hours. These sessions must occur outside of massage therapy school to receive prenatal massage certification. 

Is it True that Certain Pressure Points Can Trigger Contractions?

It is true that certain points on the body can encourage labor during pregnancy. The points must be pressed with absolute, direct pressure, and with repetitive motion where the intent is to induce labor. Touching these points accidentally or with light pressure will not make you go into labor, nor will the act of applying pressure to these points harm you or your baby.

In other words, unless you are exceptionally close to your due date, a maternity massage is unlikely to induce labor. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Expectant Mamas 

Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

A maternity massage is terrific for relieving those aches and pains in your back and neck. The massage will also address leg cramps, as well as swollen legs and feet.

Lower Stress & Ease Muscle Tension 

Pregnancy can be stressful on the mind and body. The extra weight you carry and physical changes to your body can make you feel anxious about how you look. The hormones coursing through your body don’t help. This type of stress can increase your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which can negatively impact your body and your child’s body. Studies have shown that massage of any type greatly reduces cortisol, ensuring you stay calm and remain healthy throughout your pregnancy. 

Contributes to Easier Labor

In the most skilled hands, you will gain more control over muscular tension, which can contribute to a more relaxed delivery. With multiple sessions. your control over your muscular system will only improve. 

Boosted Circulation 

Prenatal massage helps with the flow of blood and interstitial fluid. Interstitial fluid is the liquid found in the spaces between cells. The massage keeps you healthy, helps with waste removal, and improves the flow of nutrients to both you and the baby. 

Healthier Pregnancy

A maternity massage can detoxify you, removing toxins. The specialized techniques can reduce skin inflammation and give your immune system a power-up, making your pregnancy safer for you and the baby. 

Can Treat Health Issues

Therapeutic massage has shown promise for its ability to alleviate the symptoms of common ailments. Examples include asthma, chronic cough, allergies, ear infections, nervous energy,  depression, and anxiety. 

When Should You Avoid A Prenatal Massage?

Your doctor or OBGYN may advise you to hold off on the maternity massage if you suffer from diabetes, severe morning sickness, preeclampsia (a pregnancy ailment that comes with high blood pressure and risk to your organs), high blood pressure, fever, abdominal pain, bleeding, and if you suffer from a contagious disease, such as COVID-19.

Ready to be Pampered? Schedule a Maternity Massage in Cincinnati, Ohio

Pregnancy can be an amazing time. With nine-months of wonder and amazement, you also get aches and pains, joints that swell up like grapefruits, and loads of stress and anxiety. Massage therapy during pregnancy will give you (and your baby) the ultimate form of care for both the body and mind.

A prenatal massage can also serve as a memorable gift for a pregnant woman you know.

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