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Pedicure Maintenance Tips for Achieving the “Perfect Look” Between Nail Salon Appointments

A pedicure at the nail salon represents the ultimate proper foot care.

Both men and women enjoy pedicures daily at nail salons across the country. They don’t just see it as a treat. Many see pedicures as a vital aspect of their lavish lifestyles! 

Why are pedicures loved so much? The better question is: What’s not to love?

Every appointment is a pampering session starring yours truly. You only need to recline and relax while your nail technician goes to work. Depending on the type of pedicure you want, your appointment could include a foot bath, a relaxing foot massage, a paraffin wax treatment, callus softening, and nail shaping. Afterward, the technician will wrap your feet in a warm towel wrap before decorating your toenails with your polish of choice. 

Thirty minutes to an hour later, you emerge from the nail salon feeling like a million bucks, with feet and toes that look photo-ready. But how long does this look last? Is there any way to extend the life of your pedicure without scheduling multiple appointments a month?

Here are the answers you seek. Keep your feet and toes always looking “Salon Fresh” by using these six nail tech tricks-of-the-trade. 

Six Tricks for Getting Your Pedicure to Last

When you want to stretch the time between your pedi appointments, there are a few steps you can take at home.

  • Give a Fresh Coat of the Same Polish

One of the easiest ways to extend the life of your pedicure is to add another topcoat every seven to ten days. Ask your technician about the brand and color that was used, so you can replicate the look whenever you want.

A fresh coat will give your nails that “fresh from the salon” look while also keeping the edges from lifting prematurely. Don’t go too heavy with the topcoat. A little dab will go a long way. Add too many layers and you risk your polish chipping or coming off in large pieces after it dries.

  • Care for Your Cuticles

Don’t forget about proper cuticle maintenance! Your nail technician uses special tools to tame your cuticles during your appointments. Afterward, you may experience uneven cuticles that make your nails look drab. Consider investing in a cuticle care set that includes a pusher, clipper, and cuticle oil. The cuticle pusher and cuticle clipper can keep your nails looking presentable until your next nail salon appointment. The cuticle oil will keep your cuticles hydrated and help to preserve your pedicure. Applying a couple of drops of oil to each toe every two or three days can keep your cuticles from drying out and prevent the polish from chipping early.

  • Protect Your Feet with Socks or Slippers

Your nail technician worked hard to keep the skin on the bottoms of your feet baby soft. A foot file or exfoliating scrub was probably used, both of which work to slough away calluses and dead skin, while making your skin ultra-smooth to the touch.

To keep crusty skin at bay, and retain your newfound smoothness, get into the habit of wearing socks or slippers when lounging around the house. Doing so will keep the bottom of your feet as smooth as can be. Covering your feet and toes will also prevent your premium pedi from getting beat up as you walk around.

  • Let Your Pedicure Fully Dry

Your nail polish may feel dry to the touch an hour or two after your appointment, but nail polish needs between 12 and 24 hours to dry. To maintain your pristine look, wait at least 12 hours before dipping into your usual steamy bath or shower. Get the timing wrong and you could risk warping or lifting your prized pedicure. You may want to wait a full week if you plan on swimming in a chlorine-filled pool, as the harsh chemicals can ruin your nails and dry out your cuticles.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated on the inside can help to keep your cuticles soft and malleable. Your nails will look healthy and strong, and your skin will benefit, too! If you don’t drink enough water, your nails can turn brittle, making them prone to breaking and cracking. If you want to preserve your pedicure for as long as possible, make it a point to drink your recommended allotment of H2O.

  • Rest After Your Appointment

Leaving your pedicure appointment is not the time to go running errands. Nothing will mess your pedicure up faster! Instead, try scheduling your pedi on a day where you can kick back and relax immediately upon leaving the salon. If your life is too hectic for any amount of downtime, at least give yourself a one or two-hour break to put your feet up and let your polish set.

You now have several basic maintenance tips for keeping your pedicure “on fleek,” as the kids say. You can continue keeping your feet and toes always looking terrific by scheduling regular appointments at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. 

Isn’t It Time You Gave Your Feet a Break?

Your feet work hard. You can treat your feet and toes by booking an appointment at one of our four locations. Call (513)793-0900 today to schedule your pedicure appointment in West Chester, Hyde Park, Kenwood, or Tri-County.