How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Spa Packages for the Big Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful, which is why many “friends of the bride” are booking bachelorette parties at nearby spas. 78% of couples report having bachelorette parties, of which an average of ten people attend. Further, nearly half of all polled wedding guests report that having a bachelorette party at a local spa is a great idea! 

A spa bachelorette party has many advantages. There is no better way to relax while hanging and giggling with your BFFs. You also get to enjoy the ambient atmosphere while gentle hands and attentive staff tend to your every need. You can make yours a bachelorette party to remember by choosing one or more bachelorette spa packages. 

What Are Bachelorette Spa Packages?

Bachelorette spa packages let you plan your one-of-a-kind party from beginning to end. This lets you envision the ultimate getaway, even if you’re only staying in town. Whether you have five, eight, or twelve friends, you can book the perfect bachelorette party by including your favorite spa facilities and amenities. 

What Spa Facilities & Amenities are Included?


Many spas offer an extensive selection of premium facials that can be included with your spa party package. These facials are perfect for making everyone’s skin healthy and radiant in preparation for the big day. 

The bride-to-be will especially love this rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatment. Planning a wedding can be tough on the skin. Constant sun exposure and age certainly don’t help. Facials can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while helping the skin look its best.  

Therapeutic Massage

The stress of planning a wedding can also take its toll on the muscles. Bachelorette spa packages that include massage let the bride and friends enjoy a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. A holistic massage is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to restoring the mind, body, and spirit. This is why it’s common for spa parties to include massage along with some extras, like aromatherapy, hot-stone massage, bamboo fusion, and more. By the end of the event, everyone will feel soothed and rejuvenated just in time for the nuptials.

Body Treatments

If you are looking for a way to deepen your relaxation, consider adding body treatments to your spa party package. A salt-glow body scrub, for example, can gently exfoliate and soften the skin from head to toe. Many spas also offer seaweed wraps and tanning treatments to further flush out toxins and deliver your best look. 

Full-Day & Half Day Spa Packages

You can make a whole day of your bachelorette party or you can go for a half-day of relaxation and fun. During this time, you get to choose the amenities you most want. These can include all the spa services we just mentioned along with hair treatments and makeup applications. If any of the party-goers have a baby on the way, the full or half-day packages can also include maternity massage

Imagine being pampered from head to toe. That’s what awaits you, the bachelorette, and the rest of the party when you choose these spa treatments to complete your day.

How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Party in Cincinnati, Ohio 

Once you have a good idea of which spa treatments you want, the next step is to contact the Spa Events Manager at your local spa. This individual is responsible for walking you through the booking process. The Events Manager knows all the details about the various spa treatments and how to save using coupons, gift certificates, and certain tricks of the trade, such as booking certain services together during a single event. 

The manager also helps to keep your event on track. This lets the bride and whoever is booking the event relax and enjoy the pampering without worrying about the time or when to wrap things up. The goal is for you and your friends to achieve total relaxation, and that’s what the manager’s job is aimed to fulfill.

Tips for Treating the Bride-to-Be

Keep the Bride Out of the Planning Process 

The bachelorette has plenty of responsibilities on her plate. Between putting together the guest list, arranging seating, booking the hall, and ordering the wedding cake, the last thing on the bride-to-be’s mind should be planning the bachelorette party. Keep her out of the spa party planning and just let her enjoy the day. Make it a surprise and be sure to include all her favorite spa and salon amenities. 

Don’t Assume It Has to Be a Daytime Party

When you think of spa parties, you may think of afternoon get-togethers. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Nighttime bachelorette parties are becoming increasingly more popular. For that reason, spas everywhere are accommodating their guests with evening spa packages. 

Book Early

Book your bachelorette spa party too late and you risk missing out on the planned date and time, as well as the amenities you and the other party attendees most want. Book early and not only do you have higher chances of booking the ideal party, but you may have more ways to save. 

Book Your bachelorette Spa Party at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa 

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