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How About a Spa Party for Your Next Corporate Event?

Planning a corporate event can be tricky. On one hand, you want to please everyone. You also want to stick to your scheduled time and budget. Have you considered a corporate spa party

There are many benefits to having a spa party for employees and/or clients. Here are five to consider. 

  1. Something for Everyone: With corporate retreats, there’s always at least one person who can’t wait to leave. That doesn’t seem to happen with corporate spa parties. There are treatments for everyone, from massage and mani-pedis to facials and more. You might have to push people out the door by the time the event ends.
  2. A Soothing Environment: When you choose a spa party for your corporate event, your guests get to enjoy a day of unabashed pampering. The whole event takes place in a private area that is positive and conducive to relaxation. What a way to boost company morale! Your guests will leave feeling recharged with regards to mind, body, and soul. 
  3. Ideal for Coworkers and Clients Alike: Coworkers can get to know each other better during corporate spa parties. There’s something about being pampered that tends to break the ice, leading to better comradery. Client schmoozing can also be performed at a corporate spa event, leading to improved loyalty and stronger accounts. 
  4. Easy to Book: To make booking the spa party easier on the person doing all the planning, most spas offer the services of a Spa Events Manager, who can walk you through the process of planning your party while also keeping the event on track from the beginning to end.
  5. Chances to Save: Spa party packages can help you save on the overall costs. These packages come with certain spa amenities built-in, taking the pressure off the party planner to put the perfect, all-inclusive retreat together.

When it comes to how to structure your corporate spa party, the sky’s the limit. You can design a corporate team-building retreat or engage in client appreciation. Corporate parties are excellent on their own as a way to incentivize employees to do their best, and to reward hard workers for jobs well done. 

If you’re not sure of what spa and salon treatments to include with your party, here are a few ideas to consider. 

Corporate Spa Party Services for Every Guest on Your List 

Therapeutic Massage

Overstressed party goers will appreciate a thirty-minute to an hour-long therapeutic massage. Massage treatments help with blood circulation and can improve health. That’s good news for the corporation as a whole. Healthier employees perform better, so it’s a good idea to include massage services at your spa party for a win-win all around.  


Your guests might appreciate a little nail care to go with their massage. Manicure services can be booked for both men and women. Everyone loves having more attractive nails. Manicures also make nails stronger and give the wearer smoother, younger-looking hands. 


While you’re treating your guests’ hands and fingernails, why not throw in some foot and toenail care while you’re at it? Our feet work hard all day long. Pedicures treat the feet and toes with the attention they deserve. Choose between a signature whirlpool pedicure, extended-wear gel pedicure, or a manicure and pedicure combination. Pedicures can be topped off with the color of polish your guests may desire, or they can go with a clear-coat if that’s the style they prefer. 


Our faces are among the first things people notice about us. Faces are also constantly exposed to the elements and are one of the first body parts to show our true age. Both the men and women on your guest list can benefit by incorporating facials at your corporate spa party.

Facial treatments employ specialized techniques and all-natural formulas to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Your guests will be left with brighter, clearer skin by the time your corporate event ends. 

Body Treatments

You can’t treat the face without incorporating the body. That’s where spa body treatments come in. A body treatment uses unique ingredients like sea salt and seaweed wraps to invigorate skin and soothe tired muscles. Some body treatments involve tanning and other add-ons to further enhance beauty and health. 

Makeup Application

Makeup treatments can help your employees try new cosmetics on for size. The makeup artist in attendance can also teach them new tricks to hide blemishes and create better contours. Makeup application services can help your guests improve their appearance and self-esteem while boosting comradery among them.

Hair Services 

No corporate event would be complete without hair services like shampoos, haircuts, blowout services, and styling. Corporate spa party goers might want to try a new hairstyle or improve upon their current style with a killer ‘do put together by one of the spa’s master hair designers.  

Don’t Worry, the Host Can Enjoy the Party, Too!

There is one more benefit to booking a corporate spa party. The party planner gets to enjoy the pampering, too! Too often the planner gets stuck with all the logistics, making a retreat more work than fun. With corporate Spa events, everyone can relax, including the planner. By working with the Spa Events Manager, all stress involved with the planning process is eliminated, leaving the host to feel just as relaxed and refreshed as the other party-goers. 

Ready to Book Your Corporate Event? Booking is Easy!

Booking a corporate spa party is easy. If you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa is the perfect location for your next company event. Enjoy up to 100 spa and salon services, including therapeutic massage, premium facials, eye-popping hair treatments, manicures, pedicures, body treatments, and more.

For over thirty years, our award-winning staff has been providing the local area with the best beauty and relaxation services. Now we want to help you build the ideal company retreat. Call us at one of our four area locations to book your corporate party now. You can reach us in West Chester, Kenwood, Tri-County, or Hyde Park. Our phone number is (513) 793-0900.