Hand, Foot, & Nail Maintenance Tips

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Are your hands and feet beginning to look like props from a horror movie? It’s time to freshen up your hands, fingers, feet, and toes. Putting in the short amount of work it takes to keep your hands and feet healthy is well worth it. You’ll be able to go about your business knowing your skin looks healthy and your feet feel good all throughout the day. 

Put these steps to good use and your hands, feet, and nails will be shining like new before you know it. 

At-Home Hand Care 

The best way to give tender love and care to your hands and fingers is to wash your hands every day. Doing so can prevent bacteria from growing, which can lead to several skin conditions. Your hands and fingers are constantly touching things on a daily basis. If you tend to bite your nails, you’re further leaving yourself susceptible to developing an ailment of some kind. When washing your hands, use soap or a general cleaner and lukewarm, rather than hot water (which can dry out your skin). Don’t forget to pay attention to the areas between each finger and under your nails. 

Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Hands 

Find a good hand scrub you like and exfoliate your hands two to three times per week. Engaging in a regiment like this can help to keep your hands youthful from palm to fingertips. Afterward, moisturize your hands with a good hand cream, preferably one with sun protection. The sun can leave your skin red and susceptible to sun spots. If the weather is cold, consider wearing gloves. You are also encouraged to wear gloves in the summer and spring when doing garden or lawn work, if keeping your hand skin healthy is important to you.

Get a Pumice Stone for Foot Care 

Your feet work hard to get you from here to there. You can treat your feet by keeping a pumice stone in your home care kit. The habit of rubbing the pumice stone over your heels can help to eradicate calluses. For the best effect, soak your feet in a warm bath for fifteen minutes to soften your skin. Then, with your feet still damp, rub the pumice stone over any rough spots or calluses. 

After each treatment, use a foot scrub to help remove dead skin and foot cream or mousse to keep your feet moisturized and refreshed.

Home Nail Care

Whether you’re pumicing away calluses on your heels or rubbing moisturizer on your hands, always pay attention to your nails. Take care to clean your nails during every hand and foot cleaning session. The nail area is one of the prime spots for bacteria to grow and nail fungus is a serious concern. Cleaning your nails regularly will keep them looking healthy.

Start by clipping and shaping your nails on a regular basis. The best time to engage in nail clipping is right after a shower or bath, when the nail tissue is softest. If you want to clip your nails without bathing first, at least soak your nails in a warm bowl of water for around ten to fifteen minutes. Doing so will ensure your nails don’t break or crack during the clipping process.

When cutting your nails, avoid cutting your cuticles, which protect your nails from being invaded by harmful bacteria. 

Hangnails are caused by a lack of moisture. If you notice that you continually get hangnails, increase the amount of moisturizer you use or check to see that you are using a non-oil-based moisturizer for the best effect. 

Once you are finished clipping your nails, let them dry before attempting to file them down. Filing your nails after clipping will give them a smooth texture. You’ll also avoid scraping your other fingers and toes with jagged nail edges. 

If you decide to polish your nails afterward, only do so after your nails are clean and dry. Double coat your nails for the most aesthetically pleasing effect and to prevent your nails from breaking throughout the day.

Get a Manicure and Pedicure 

Even with regular care at home, your hands, feet, and nails will look terrific with a manicure and pedicure combination. A mani-pedi, as they are called, has many benefits. You’ll ensure proper hand, feet, and nail health. You’ll get your calluses worked on while stimulating your circulation and alleviating stress. Then, of course, there is the fact that someone is tending to your every need, and who doesn’t love that? 

For a trendy mani-pedi or possibly a specialty mani-pedi, such as the collagen-infused manicure and pedicure, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa

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