8 Massage Types – Which Should You Get?

You may have a go-to menu item when you visit a restaurant, but what type of massage should you get when you visit the salon? That question is not so easy to answer. 

The question is a bit easier to answer when you can list the elements that are most important to you. What do you hope to get out of the massage, for instance? Are you seeking pure relaxation or to work out some muscle kinks? 

There are several different massage types you can choose from. Below are a few you are likely to encounter at a massage parlor near you. Listed alongside each one are the qualities that each type of massage is known for. Reading through them can help you decide which massage would most benefit you during your next appointment. 

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage aims at digging deeper into your muscles and tendons. The masseuse will focus heavily on the network of connective tissues that support and inhabit your bones, muscles, nerves, and organs. 

Who is This Massage For?

You’ll want to request a deep tissue massage if you have chronic pain or generally feel pain or stiffness from conditions such as arthritis. 

Swedish Massage

Most everyone has heard of this type of massage, which is designed to relax and reinvigorate the body. The masseuse focuses on massaging your muscles through techniques such as kneading, vibration, stretching, and rubbing. You may also find your joints being manipulated to induce greater circulation. 

Who is This Massage For?

Choose a Swedish massage when you want to induce total body relaxation and to alleviate joint discomfort. 

Trigger Point Massage

A masseuse will focus on specific areas of muscle tightness, also referred to as “knots” during this massage treatment. A trigger point massage combines the techniques of a deep tissue massage and Swedish massage to both induce relaxation and work out your tired muscles.

Who is This Massage For?

Trigger point refers to the knots that can be causing discomfort in other areas of the body. For instance, a trigger point could cause headaches and other symptoms. If you feel both muscle tightness and other symptoms you suspect are caused by your knots, this type of massage is for you.

Sports Massage

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy a sports massage. All levels of athletes can benefit from this technique, from weekend warriors to elite performers. There is nothing like it for improving blood flow and preventing injuries. Sports massage therapy can also be useful for improving recovery times.

Who is This Massage For?

If you regularly engage in exercise or actively participate in any kind of sport, including golf, this massage may be just what you need to keep your body limber and prevent muscle pulls.

Hot Stone Massage

During this massage treatment, your masseuse will use heated stones to soothe your tired muscles. You decide how much pressure is used as the flat, hot stone works away knots and loosens and stretches the muscle beneath the skin. 

Who is This Massage For?

Hot stone massages are excellent if you want a heat treatment along with deep tissue work. 

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is based on the theory that parts of your body map to other areas. For instance, pressure on a particular part on your foot could help to ease a headache. The masseuse will follow the body map, which shows which reflex point on the hand or foot will stimulate a body part or organ. While research in this massage therapy isn’t conclusive, there is evidence that reflexology can be beneficial in many areas of one’s life. 

Who is This Massage For?

This massage is ideal for anyone who wants a unique type of massage that can be useful in eradicating pain, balancing mental health, and regulating sleep. 

Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women can develop pain in their legs, hips, and lower back. Some pregnant ladies constantly experience swelling. Massage therapy can help with all of these issues. Studies show that prenatal massage can also help to reduce labor pains while regulating mental health.

Who is This Massage For?

Not all pregnant women are qualified to undergo a prenatal massage. Check with your doctor to ensure the massage will be healthy for you and your baby.

Aromatherapy Massage

Ancient cultures have been practicing aromatherapy for centuries. The practice uses essential oils like lavender, lemon, peppermint, and rose to help attune your mind and body together. Studies have found that aromatherapy massage can help with relaxation and also sleep quality.

Who is This Massage For?

If you feel frazzled by the hustle and bustle of life and feel like your sleep is suffering, schedule an aromatherapy massage for a much-needed recharge.

What Type of Massage Will You Choose?

You should have a better idea of which type of massage would most benefit you. Are you overworked, overtired, or plain worn out? One thing’s for sure: There is a massage service with your name on it.

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