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7 Spa Party Planning Ideas for Any Group Size

Planning your perfect spa party can be overwhelming, but with our top seven spa party planning ideas, there will be something to get you started. Whether it’s mani-pedis, facials, or even a massage, we’ll help you plan the best treatments for your spa party.


A mani-pedi treatment is one of the best ideas for your next spa party. It’s easy to fit around any sized group and can be enjoyed by both men and women. If you’re hosting your party on a budget, select either a manicure or a pedicure instead of both. You could also ask your guests to pick their preferences. Mani-pedis are great for your nail health and are an excellent way to unwind from the stresses of work. It will also give you a confidence boost and helps the circulation in your fingers or toes. You can get mani-pedis with a group of co-workers, bridesmaids, or even in mixed-gender groups. A manicure involves exfoliating, moisturizing, and nail care. You can also add style elements, such as a French Manicure, shellac nails, or acrylic nails. If you’re organizing a bridal manicure, consider getting matching manicures just before the wedding. 

You can even get manicures for men, so there’s no need to leave your male companions out. Male manicures can help you relax, as well as improve nail and skin health. Taking excellent care of your hands by having regular manicures can improve your self-esteem and leave you with younger-looking hands.


Facials are a fun, soothing way to relax with your loved ones. You can choose from a wide range of facials and peels, and all of them offer nourishing, moisturizing benefits for your skin. At Mitchell’s, we offer several types of facial treatments, including:

  • Signature Euphoria Spa Facial
  • Deluxe Euphoria with Microcurrent
  • Sensitive Skin CBD Facial
  • Herbal Poultice Contouring Facial Treatment
  • Express Spa Facial
  • Gentlemen’s Treatment Facial

Getting a facial helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and can help repair sun damage. Some acne types improve with facials or peels, and you may even see a reduction in freckles or other blemishes. If you’re booking a peel, you’ll need to prepare in advance, as the treatment will require a consultation first. However, attending your consultations together can be another way to get together and receive some TLC. Getting a face peel will usually cause your skin to flake and peel off, but don’t worry if your peel doesn’t flake straight away. Some peels take longer than others for the skin to start peeling, and others won’t peel very much. Some of the benefits of peels are deep hydration, scar smoothing, pigmentation correction, and more.


Everyone loves a massage, and your spa party wouldn’t be complete without one. If a simple body massage doesn’t appeal, check out the full range of offerings at Mitchell’s. We offer everything from hot stone treatment to aromatherapy massage. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to get the perfect massage experience from Mitchell’s. If you’re hosting a spa party for co-workers, why not try our anti-stress massage or even a CBD-Infused Full Body Therapeutic Massage. We offer a 20-minute remedy, perfect for fitting in more of your nearest and dearest. Massages are the ideal unisex spa treatment, as both men and women can relax and enjoy the tranquility. If anyone in your party is pregnant, there’s no need for them to miss out. Check out our Maternity Massages, which come in 30 or 60-minute sessions. It’s the perfect gift for any expecting mother and ensures they don’t have to miss out on your spa party. Our Herbal Poultice Body Treatment is excellent for those aching muscles after a stressful period at work, and it’s suitable for everyone, including men. Herbal Poultices can help relieve inflammation, improve skin texture, and offer many other benefits. 

Body Treatments

A full range of body treatments is available at Mitchell’s, and we offer several types of massage. Some of the body treatments we offer include: 

  • Seventh Heaven Full Body Treatment and Vichy Shower
  • Salt Glow Body Scrub and Vichy Shower
  • Seaweed Body Treatment
  • Caribbean Sugar Glow Treatment
  • Airbrush Tan

Body treatments offer several benefits, like chronic pain relief, improved circulation, and more confidence. Somebody treatment types can flush toxins, and all body treatments are excellent for relaxation and stress reduction. Most body treatments use mineral pastes, which offer excellent benefits to the skin. A body treatment can be a great way to restore your skin or banish aches and pains. If you suffer from dry skin, a body treatment is an excellent way to treat it. Some of our body treatments come from the sea, so if you’re a fan of the ocean and want to include it in your spa party, check out our body treatment range. Sea salt offers many benefits to the skin, including cleansing the pores, and balancing oil production.

Salon Gift Cards

Our beautiful spas offer many premium products that you can purchase as party favors or allow your guests to shop on the day of. You can also buy gift certificates or spa days as gifts for friends as a way of ensuring your loved ones can return to experience our spa treatments again. 

Men or Women Salon Services

If you’re organizing a spa party for a mixed group, or even a group of men, there is plenty to offer, such as unisex mani-pedis. Men enjoy the relaxation of pedicures and massages just as much as women and anyone can reap the benefits of spa treatments. When you’re planning your party, consider asking your guests which treatments they’d feel comfortable with and if anyone has a problem with a male guest joining them. Some men are uncomfortable with spa treatments, especially while with other men, and may prefer not to attend. However, many men enjoy our male massages and pedicures, and there’s no reason not to invite your male colleagues to your spa party. If you have close male friends who don’t want to miss out, consider inviting them for a simple male pedicure. An all-female spa party is an excellent choice for pre-wedding treatments or bachelorette parties. Check out our excellent bachelorette party packages for some fantastic deals on your spa party. 

Do you need assistance planning your spa party? Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa is here to help. Call our friendly team today at 513-793-0900.