5 Reasons You Should be Getting Regular Pedicures

Pedicures are a practice used in nail salons around the world. While pedicure options and services will vary by price and salon offerings, they’re usually always more than a typical nail painting. 

A common misconception is that pedicures are for women. However, more and more men are understanding the benefits of pedicures and leave the salon with fresh feet, free of nail polish. 

Pedicures consist of a series of services that focus on care for your feet. Services included in a pedicure can range from hot stone massages to paraffin wax treatments. There are even “fish pedicures” that involve live fish feeding on your feet. Salons will often offer a selection of pedicure packages that use different services to address your concerns with your feet. 

Whether it be by fish or by traditional treatment, regularly maintaining your feet with pedicures offers at least 5 benefits that can improve your daily life.


Regular Pedicures Promote Nail Health and Prevent Infection 

Pedicures promote nail health by keeping the area around your toenails manicured and clean. The maintenance will decrease the chances of your nails developing a fungus or an infection from poor hygiene.

Ingrown toenails are a common and painful issue that can plague men and women. A section of your nail juts out of your skin, causing pain and potential infection. Getting bi-weekly pedicures from a licensed technician can prevent this issue. While knowledgeable pedicurists should not treat your ingrown toenail, they can help prevent jagged and overgrown nails that are typically to blame. 


Pedicures Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Skin 

Getting regular pedicures can do wonders for your skin. Your skin needs to be supple and hydrated to keep your feet in good health. Feet are often an area of the body that are neglected when moisturizing, leading to foot ailments. 

Pedicures will prevent the buildup of dead skin on your feet by thoroughly exfoliating and lotioning this tough area. Callouses, cracks, and heel fissures are all common skin ailments caused by unaddressed dry skin on the feet. 

Medical News Today suggests soaking feet in water, filing off dead skin, exfoliating, and moisturizing as good practices to prevent painful issues like cracks or calluses. All of these steps combined just so happens to describe the steps of a basic pedicure.  

Optimum Foot Health Can Relieve Pain from Other Areas of the Body 

Our feet are probably the most abused part of our bodies. Day in and day out, our feet show up and work for us in ways we don’t often consider. Because of the wear and tear feet tend to endure, not adequately taking care of this part of your body can lead to a variety of other issues. 

Not properly maintaining your feet can lead to pain. Whether the pain is from ingrown toenails or heel fissures and calluses, painful feet can be debilitating in everyday life. If your feet hurt, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re not walking on them properly. Overcompensating for foot pain when you’re walking can actually affect your posture

Poor posture can lead to a myriad of issues. You may find yourself with leg pain or muscle soreness from adjusting the way you walk or stand on your feet. This overcorrection actually puts further strain on the rest of your body. By preventing toe or heel ailments with regular pedicures, you can avoid these issues altogether. 


Regular Pedicures Can Increase Blood Circulation 

The massages often implemented in pedicures work to increase blood circulation. While the treatment may feel like a luxury, massage has many positive benefits.  

The increased blood circulation experienced during a pedicure has the potential to ease and prevent pain due to poor circulation, such as joint pain or arthritis. Improved circulation can lead to healthier nails and muscles and even increased joint mobility. 

The foot and leg massage will also increase the lymphatic drainage that is responsible for removing toxins from the body. Through this massage, you should find yourself feeling relaxed and detoxified. 


Pedicures are a Great Way to Relieve Stress 

Another benefit that boosts from the foot and leg massage included in pedicures is stress relief. Adequately relieving tension and stress in your life can be vital to your health and wellbeing.

Stress has been linked to a number of factors such as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and is even a cause to blame for a weakened immune system. By incorporating regular pedicures into your routine, the nature of the experience should ease your tension, promote relaxation, and lower your stress.       

Choosing a Great Pedicurist in Cincinnati, OH 

While the benefits of pedicures can be great, it’s important to go to a licensed and reputable nail salon for any nail treatment. If a technician is not trained or doesn’t practice the proper sanitation methods necessary in this industry, you could find yourself exposed to foot ailments instead of being relieved of them. 

When deciding on a pedicurist for a one-time appointment or to incorporate a regular pedicure routine, you should consider finding a technician to build a relationship with. By finding a nail technician that you’re comfortable seeing on a regular basis, you will gain more from your pedicure experience. Your technician will become familiar with the needs and regularities of your feet, allowing them to detect an issue early, should one arise. 

At Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa, we’re committed to offering you the best services and take pride in ensuring you have a relaxing and rewarding experience. We offer a wide range of pedicure services that are targeted for a number of concerns. From collagen-infused pedicures to wellness pedicures for people with diabetes, you’re sure to find a service you love from a technician you can trust. 

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