Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa and Pump Salon

We grow personal connections into family.

Giving our clients a piece of time to lighten their spirits. Giving our employees the education & freedom to continue to ignite their creative genius. Our heart is more than just hair, it’s people & their unique beauty within.

We have been locally & female owned for over 35 years and have truly felt like a family since January 10, 1983, the day our doors first opened. Our soul is personal.

With two brands & 5 locations, we have the unique gift of having both access to nationally recognized educational opportunities, resources, benefits, the list continues, while at the same time feeling like a tight knit, always there for you work family. The best of both worlds.

Logan Mitchell Hines, Owner/President

Why join our team

‘Why join our Family’

Give yourself the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented hair designers, manicurists, estheticians & massage therapists.

“Measure success, not by where you are today, but by where you aspire to be tomorrow. Always look ahead to see the possibilities.”

This has been our philosophy since day one.

Salon Associate Program

There is one purpose behind our training program – we want you to be successful! Graduating from school and immediately earning a chair can be intimidating. The expectation to build a clientele to earn your income can be stressful. We provide you with all the tools you need to build confidence, form relationships and further your education to ensure you are fully prepared and at your best to perform behind the chair after 9 months of training.

Awards and Achievements

Company Benefits


Our hope is that you LOVE working with us. We will always do our best to continually support your professional development & growth. After joining our family, we hope you will remain a part of this special bond for years to come.

We do not make you sign anything that will penalize you for choosing an opportunity if unfortunately you feel we are not the best home for you.

You will be asked to sign new-hire paperwork which will include points to protect confidential company information, agreeing to follow company policies, not working a second job that would cause a conflict of interest, and agreeing not to directly solicit our guests.

Our commitment to you is to always bring you the best of the best in all areas: education, products, marketing efforts, the list continues. We invest in your success and have the privilege of operating such a beautifully personal business, but it’s still a business so we need to follow a few standard procedures.

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