Planning a corporate event can be tricky. On one hand, you want to please everyone. You also want to stick to your scheduled time and budget. Have you considered a corporate spa party?

There are many benefits to having a spa party for employees and/or clients. Here are five to consider.

  1. Something for Everyone: With corporate retreats, there’s always at least one person who can’t wait to leave. That doesn’t seem to happen with corporate spa parties. There are treatments for everyone, from massage and mani-pedis to facials and more. You might have to push people out the door by the time the event ends.
  2. A Soothing Environment: When you choose a spa party for your corporate event, your guests get to enjoy a day of unabashed pampering. The whole event takes place in a private area that is positive and conducive to relaxation. What a way to boost company morale! Your guests will leave feeling recharged with regards to mind, body, and soul.
  3. Ideal for Coworkers and Clients Alike: Coworkers can get to know each other better during corporate spa parties. There’s something about being pampered that tends to break the ice, leading to better comradery. Client schmoozing can also be performed at a corporate spa event, leading to improved loyalty and stronger accounts.
  4. Easy to Book: To make booking the spa party easier on the person doing all the planning, most spas offer the services of a Spa Events Manager, who can walk you through the process of planning your party while also keeping the event on track from the beginning to end.
  5. Chances to Save: Spa party packages can help you save on the overall costs. These packages come with certain spa amenities built-in, taking the pressure off the party planner to put the perfect, all-inclusive retreat together.

When it comes to how to structure your corporate spa party, the sky’s the limit. You can design a corporate team-building retreat or engage in client appreciation. Corporate parties are excellent on their own as a way to incentivize employees to do their best, and to reward hard workers for jobs well done.

If you’re not sure of what spa and salon treatments to include with your party, here are a few ideas to consider.

Corporate Spa Party Services for Every Guest on Your List

Therapeutic Massage

Overstressed party goers will appreciate a thirty-minute to an hour-long therapeutic massage. Massage treatments help with blood circulation and can improve health. That’s good news for the corporation as a whole. Healthier employees perform better, so it’s a good idea to include massage services at your spa party for a win-win all around.


Your guests might appreciate a little nail care to go with their massage. Manicure services can be booked for both men and women. Everyone loves having more attractive nails. Manicures also make nails stronger and give the wearer smoother, younger-looking hands.


While you’re treating your guests’ hands and fingernails, why not throw in some foot and toenail care while you’re at it? Our feet work hard all day long. Pedicures treat the feet and toes with the attention they deserve. Choose between a signature whirlpool pedicure, extended-wear gel pedicure, or a manicure and pedicure combination. Pedicures can be topped off with the color of polish your guests may desire, or they can go with a clear-coat if that’s the style they prefer.


Our faces are among the first things people notice about us. Faces are also constantly exposed to the elements and are one of the first body parts to show our true age. Both the men and women on your guest list can benefit by incorporating facials at your corporate spa party.

Facial treatments employ specialized techniques and all-natural formulas to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Your guests will be left with brighter, clearer skin by the time your corporate event ends.

Body Treatments

You can’t treat the face without incorporating the body. That’s where spa body treatments come in. A body treatment uses unique ingredients like sea salt and seaweed wraps to invigorate skin and soothe tired muscles. Some body treatments involve tanning and other add-ons to further enhance beauty and health.

Makeup Application

Makeup treatments can help your employees try new cosmetics on for size. The makeup artist in attendance can also teach them new tricks to hide blemishes and create better contours. Makeup application services can help your guests improve their appearance and self-esteem while boosting comradery among them.

Hair Services

No corporate event would be complete without hair services like shampoos, haircuts, blowout services, and styling. Corporate spa party goers might want to try a new hairstyle or improve upon their current style with a killer ‘do put together by one of the spa’s master hair designers.

Don’t Worry, the Host Can Enjoy the Party, Too!

There is one more benefit to booking a corporate spa party. The party planner gets to enjoy the pampering, too! Too often the planner gets stuck with all the logistics, making a retreat more work than fun. With corporate Spa events, everyone can relax, including the planner. By working with the Spa Events Manager, all stress involved with the planning process is eliminated, leaving the host to feel just as relaxed and refreshed as the other party-goers.

Ready to Book Your Corporate Event? Booking is Easy!

Booking a corporate spa party is easy. If you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa is the perfect location for your next company event. Enjoy up to 100 spa and salon services, including therapeutic massage, premium facials, eye-popping hair treatments, manicures, pedicures, body treatments, and more.

For over thirty years, our award-winning staff has been providing the local area with the best beauty and relaxation services. Now we want to help you build the ideal company retreat. Call us at one of our four area locations to book your corporate party now. You can reach us in West Chester, Kenwood, Tri-County, or Hyde Park. Our phone number is (513) 793-0900.

Every bride wants to appear relaxed and beautiful on her big day. A wedding spa party package is the best way to do it. Not only will you ease your muscles and look your best, but you’ll be able to hang out with all your BFFs prior to the Big Day.
Wedding spa packages contain all the spa treatments needed to make the prewedding period a time to remember. You can start making your memories early while being pampered every step of the way.
There are five good reasons to choose a spa wedding party.

Four Reasons to Choose a Spa Wedding Party

Bonding Time

Wedding parties are often made up of people you’ve met throughout your life. That means that some parties may contain people who have never met before. A spa party is an ideal opportunity to bring everyone together, helping the wedding itself go more smoothly.

Reconnect with Old Friends

For some bridal parties, the bridesmaids are all good friends who haven’t seen each other in some time. Engaging in massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures can give you all time to catch up, swap stories, and give each other updates on how everyone is living and progressing. You might not get the chance during the hustle and bustle of the actual wedding, so get all your chum time in early, at a wedding spa party.

Relax Before the Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful. You have to think up a guest list and make sure everyone is sent an invitation. You need to book a banquet hall and catering and have meals planned for meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and any other special groups on your list. There’s also the wedding cake, seating charts, and flowers, oh my! Taking care of yourself prior to your wedding day is so important, not only for the bride but for the bridesmaids as well.

Look Great in Photos

Spa amenities can help you all relax and look fantastic. Imagine posing for photos with clear and beautiful skin. That’s what will happen when you book a wedding spa party complete with facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, and body treatments for everyone who’s invited. You get to choose the amenities you want for a day everyone in the bridal party is sure to remember.

Which Bridal Party Services Will You Choose?

On-Location Bridal Services

This bridal package is for the honoree herself. The package includes bridal hair treatments, makeup services (Mineral makeup or airbrush), bridal party hair, and bridal party makeup. This way, everyone can get primped and polished prior to the nuptials, just in time for the cameras to start flashing.

Hair, Manicure, Massage & Makeup Treatments

For services everyone can enjoy, there are bridal party packages that include hair, manicure, and makeup, and others that only include hair services and manicures or hair and makeup. You can also book a bachelorette spa evening complete with a facial or massage.

Work with a Bridal Beauty Planner

Many spas offer the services of a bridal beauty planner, which helps to make planning a spa party much easier. The bridal planner aims to recommend services that encompass the mind, body, and soul. You will have access to all the amenities you want for the hair, face, skin, nails, and body, all while removing the stress of the party planning process.

Which Day Spa Should You Choose for Your Spa Wedding Party?

When searching for the ideal location for your bridal party, look for a spa that offers all the amenities you want. Read testimonials from other bridal party attendees to determine if the spa has everything you are looking for. Examples of elements you want include an attentive staff, a wide variety of spa and salon services, affordable prices, and ways to save, such as gift certificates, coupons, and special offers. Most importantly, you want to ensure the location has the time that you want available, and enough space to accommodate all of your guests.

Ready to Book the Ultimate Wedding Spa Party in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa has over 35 years of experience providing bridal and wedding party services. We have over 100 spa and salon treatments available, including therapeutic massage, makeup services, premium facials, manicures, pedicures, body treatments, hair treatments, and more. Our award-winning staff will work with you to ensure you have a party each of you will remember for years. This is the best way to prepare for a wedding, and we’ll even make the planning process easy. Call our Spa Events manager and ask about our wedding party packages, bridal packages, and our gift certificates and special offers for bride-to-be and friends.

Get started planning the perfect wedding spa party in Cincinnati by calling one of our four locations in Hyde Park, West Chester, Tri-County, or Kenwood – (513) 793-0900

Planning a wedding can be stressful, which is why many “friends of the bride” are booking bachelorette parties at nearby spas. 78% of couples report having bachelorette parties, of which an average of ten people attend. Further, nearly half of all polled wedding guests report that having a bachelorette party at a local spa is a great idea!

A spa bachelorette party has many advantages. There is no better way to relax while hanging and giggling with your BFFs. You also get to enjoy the ambient atmosphere while gentle hands and attentive staff tend to your every need. You can make yours a bachelorette party to remember by choosing one or more bachelorette spa packages.

What Are Bachelorette Spa Packages?

Bachelorette spa packages let you plan your one-of-a-kind party from beginning to end. This lets you envision the ultimate getaway, even if you’re only staying in town. Whether you have five, eight, or twelve friends, you can book the perfect bachelorette party by including your favorite spa facilities and amenities.

What Spa Facilities & Amenities are Included?


Many spas offer an extensive selection of premium facials that can be included with your spa party package. These facials are perfect for making everyone’s skin healthy and radiant in preparation for the big day.

The bride-to-be will especially love this rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatment. Planning a wedding can be tough on the skin. Constant sun exposure and age certainly don’t help. Facials can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while helping the skin look its best.

Therapeutic Massage

The stress of planning a wedding can also take its toll on the muscles. Bachelorette spa packages that include massage let the bride and friends enjoy a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. A holistic massage is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to restoring the mind, body, and spirit. This is why it’s common for spa parties to include massage along with some extras, like aromatherapy, hot-stone massage, bamboo fusion, and more. By the end of the event, everyone will feel soothed and rejuvenated just in time for the nuptials.

Body Treatments

If you are looking for a way to deepen your relaxation, consider adding body treatments to your spa party package. A salt-glow body scrub, for example, can gently exfoliate and soften the skin from head to toe. Many spas also offer seaweed wraps and tanning treatments to further flush out toxins and deliver your best look.

Full-Day & Half Day Spa Packages

You can make a whole day of your bachelorette party or you can go for a half-day of relaxation and fun. During this time, you get to choose the amenities you most want. These can include all the spa services we just mentioned along with hair treatments and makeup applications. If any of the party-goers have a baby on the way, the full or half-day packages can also include maternity massage.

Imagine being pampered from head to toe. That’s what awaits you, the bachelorette, and the rest of the party when you choose these spa treatments to complete your day.

How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Party in Cincinnati, Ohio

Once you have a good idea of which spa treatments you want, the next step is to contact the Spa Events Manager at your local spa. This individual is responsible for walking you through the booking process. The Events Manager knows all the details about the various spa treatments and how to save using coupons, gift certificates, and certain tricks of the trade, such as booking certain services together during a single event.

The manager also helps to keep your event on track. This lets the bride and whoever is booking the event relax and enjoy the pampering without worrying about the time or when to wrap things up. The goal is for you and your friends to achieve total relaxation, and that’s what the manager’s job is aimed to fulfill.

Tips for Treating the Bride-to-Be

Keep the Bride Out of the Planning Process

The bachelorette has plenty of responsibilities on her plate. Between putting together the guest list, arranging seating, booking the hall, and ordering the wedding cake, the last thing on the bride-to-be’s mind should be planning the bachelorette party. Keep her out of the spa party planning and just let her enjoy the day. Make it a surprise and be sure to include all her favorite spa and salon amenities.

Don’t Assume It Has to Be a Daytime Party

When you think of spa parties, you may think of afternoon get-togethers. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Nighttime bachelorette parties are becoming increasingly more popular. For that reason, spas everywhere are accommodating their guests with evening spa packages.

Book Early

Book your bachelorette spa party too late and you risk missing out on the planned date and time, as well as the amenities you and the other party attendees most want. Book early and not only do you have higher chances of booking the ideal party, but you may have more ways to save.

Book Your bachelorette Spa Party at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa

If you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, we invite you to book your spa party at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. Let our award-winning staff treat you with over 100 spa and salon services. We also have party packages with all your favorite spa and salon treatments included. Our Spa Events Manager can help you select the services you want. Start the booking process today at any one of our four locations in Hyde Park, Tri-County, Kenwood, or West Chester, by calling (513) 793-0900.


Are you feeling a little lost or unfulfilled in your current job?

Have you wanted to switch careers to finally love what you do, but you’re not sure how?

Too many people will wind up working a job they hate, 40 hours a week, for the rest of their lives. This doesn’t have to be you. If you love going to the salon or have always had a knack for hair, becoming a hairstylist could be the perfect job for you.

Becoming a hairstylist has the potential to serve you in more ways than your typical 9-5 ever could. You will get to meet different men and women everyday and help them to feel great about themselves.

Build a list of loyal clients and you will have yourself a fully functioning dream-job. Read on to learn the 4 steps you will need to follow to begin your hairstylist career in Ohio.

Step 1: Choose a Board-Approved Cosmetology School in Ohio

Becoming a cosmetologist, or a hairstylist if you will, does not come without effort. You will be required to finance and graduate from an approved cosmetology program before you will be able to move forward in establishing your career.

In Ohio, there is a regulatory board for cosmetology that is in place to set and enforce standards for beauty service providers throughout the state. This board is called the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board and will be a trusted resource along your journey. To ensure that you have the proper education, this board will require that you graduate from a recognized institution before you will be able to obtain a cosmetology license.

You can find a list of accepted schools here.

Your cosmetology program will be at least 1500 hours and you will gain a wealth of knowledge ranging from nail care to salon operations. While this curriculum will fully prepare you to become a hairstylist, there is an optional program in Ohio to become a Hair Designer. This program will be at least 1200 hours.

Step 2: Pass the Ohio Licensing Exam

Once you have completed your hair designer or cosmetology program, you will be required to register for an exam to test your knowledge. Without doing this and obtaining the proper licensing, you will not legally be allowed to practice your trade in Ohio.

You will need to be able to provide a valid form of ID upon entry to your exam and an exam fee of $31.50 will be required. Exam fees are non-refundable and a rescheduling fee of $45 will be applied if you miss your exam date for any reason.

Pay careful attention to the rules for the exam. There will be no phones, smartwatches, or student communication at any time. There will also be a dress code and you will be required to bring a list of general supplies to complete the exam. For the Hair Designer Practical exam, you will complete a series of applications on a mannequin.

To register for the exam and read up on the exam rules, visit this page. For full details of the exam, refer to the TIP exam packet available online. When waiting to take your exam, you may apply for a work permit that will grant you permission to work and will expire on the date of your exam.

Step 3: Obtain Your Ohio Hair Designer License

After you have passed the necessary exams, you will be able to purchase your Ohio hair designer license! This license will permit you to work in a salon and offer services in your industry. Depending on the nature of your education and what services you’re prepared to offer, you may have several licensing fees.

It’s important to note that once you obtain the proper licensing, you will be required to renew your license every 2 years. This renewal will come with renewal fees and continuing education requirements to ensure you’re up to date in the cosmetology field. Pay close attention to the calendar and avoid renewing your license after January 31 of every odd year or you could be subject to additional fees.

Step 4: Take Your Hard Work to the Salon

Once you’re fully trained and licensed, you’re ready to begin working in a salon and start growing your client base! By showing up every day with a passion for beauty and a desire to serve each client, you’re sure to build a business that you love.

Choosing a salon may be one of the harder choices you’ve been faced with to this point – aside from choosing to change careers, that is. Taking the time to choose the perfect salon for you will highly contribute to your contentment in the workplace.

Make sure you’re clear on the salon’s policies and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think of! Just as it’s important that the salon be a good fit for you, you should be a good fit for the salon. A harmonious work environment that is true to who you are will help to ensure a successful career. .

Consider joining our team at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. We have four locations – Kenwood, West Chester, Hyde Park, and Tri-County – and offer a wide variety of services. We pride ourselves in creating art with our beauty practices and providing our customers with the best experience possible.

Give our education line a call at (513) 793 – 0900 ext. 250 for more information or to find out more about our mission! We’d love to chat with you.

Pedicures are a practice used in nail salons around the world. While pedicure options and services will vary by price and salon offerings, they’re usually always more than a typical nail painting.

A common misconception is that pedicures are for women. However, more and more men are understanding the benefits of pedicures and leave the salon with fresh feet, free of nail polish.

Pedicures consist of a series of services that focus on care for your feet. Services included in a pedicure can range from hot stone massages to paraffin wax treatments. There are even “fish pedicures” that involve live fish feeding on your feet. Salons will often offer a selection of pedicure packages that use different services to address your concerns with your feet.

Whether it be by fish or by traditional treatment, regularly maintaining your feet with pedicures offers at least 5 benefits that can improve your daily life.


Regular Pedicures Promote Nail Health and Prevent Infection

Pedicures promote nail health by keeping the area around your toenails manicured and clean. The maintenance will decrease the chances of your nails developing a fungus or an infection from poor hygiene.

Ingrown toenails are a common and painful issue that can plague men and women. A section of your nail juts out of your skin, causing pain and potential infection. Getting bi-weekly pedicures from a licensed technician can prevent this issue. While knowledgeable pedicurists should not treat your ingrown toenail, they can help prevent jagged and overgrown nails that are typically to blame.


Pedicures Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Skin

Getting regular pedicures can do wonders for your skin. Your skin needs to be supple and hydrated to keep your feet in good health. Feet are often an area of the body that are neglected when moisturizing, leading to foot ailments.

Pedicures will prevent the buildup of dead skin on your feet by thoroughly exfoliating and lotioning this tough area. Callouses, cracks, and heel fissures are all common skin ailments caused by unaddressed dry skin on the feet.

Medical News Today suggests soaking feet in water, filing off dead skin, exfoliating, and moisturizing as good practices to prevent painful issues like cracks or calluses. All of these steps combined just so happens to describe the steps of a basic pedicure.

Optimum Foot Health Can Relieve Pain from Other Areas of the Body

Our feet are probably the most abused part of our bodies. Day in and day out, our feet show up and work for us in ways we don’t often consider. Because of the wear and tear feet tend to endure, not adequately taking care of this part of your body can lead to a variety of other issues.

Not properly maintaining your feet can lead to pain. Whether the pain is from ingrown toenails or heel fissures and calluses, painful feet can be debilitating in everyday life. If your feet hurt, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re not walking on them properly. Overcompensating for foot pain when you’re walking can actually affect your posture.

Poor posture can lead to a myriad of issues. You may find yourself with leg pain or muscle soreness from adjusting the way you walk or stand on your feet. This overcorrection actually puts further strain on the rest of your body. By preventing toe or heel ailments with regular pedicures, you can avoid these issues altogether.


Regular Pedicures Can Increase Blood Circulation

The massages often implemented in pedicures work to increase blood circulation. While the treatment may feel like a luxury, massage has many positive benefits.

The increased blood circulation experienced during a pedicure has the potential to ease and prevent pain due to poor circulation, such as joint pain or arthritis. Improved circulation can lead to healthier nails and muscles and even increased joint mobility.

The foot and leg massage will also increase the lymphatic drainage that is responsible for removing toxins from the body. Through this massage, you should find yourself feeling relaxed and detoxified.


Pedicures are a Great Way to Relieve Stress

Another benefit that boosts from the foot and leg massage included in pedicures is stress relief. Adequately relieving tension and stress in your life can be vital to your health and wellbeing.

Stress has been linked to a number of factors such as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and is even a cause to blame for a weakened immune system. By incorporating regular pedicures into your routine, the nature of the experience should ease your tension, promote relaxation, and lower your stress.

Choosing a Great Pedicurist in Cincinnati, OH

While the benefits of pedicures can be great, it’s important to go to a licensed and reputable nail salon for any nail treatment. If a technician is not trained or doesn’t practice the proper sanitation methods necessary in this industry, you could find yourself exposed to foot ailments instead of being relieved of them.

When deciding on a pedicurist for a one-time appointment or to incorporate a regular pedicure routine, you should consider finding a technician to build a relationship with. By finding a nail technician that you’re comfortable seeing on a regular basis, you will gain more from your pedicure experience. Your technician will become familiar with the needs and regularities of your feet, allowing them to detect an issue early, should one arise.

At Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa, we’re committed to offering you the best services and take pride in ensuring you have a relaxing and rewarding experience. We offer a wide range of pedicure services that are targeted for a number of concerns. From collagen-infused pedicures to wellness pedicures for people with diabetes, you’re sure to find a service you love from a technician you can trust.

We’re honored to provide you with the best toe, heel, and nail care and do so from four locations – Hyde Park, Kenwood, West Chester, and Tri-County. Call us at (513) 793-0900 to schedule an appointment and let us treat your feet.